AI in Pharmaceutical Training: From Pilots to Full Rollouts

The pharmaceutical industry is changing fast, driven by AI. This technology is transforming how training teams work. Our recent webinar, “From Hype to Results: Practical Strategies for AI Enablement of the Field Force,” featured insights from Shawn Moran of ZS and Hallie Lynch from Quantified. Here’s a summary of the key points and a call to action to watch the full recording.

Moving Beyond Early Adoption

AI in life sciences is no longer in the early adoption phase. According to our LTEN webinar survey, 53% of respondents believe we are now in the early majority or later stages of AI adoption. This means most of the industry is now using AI, making it crucial for companies to adopt it quickly or risk falling behind.

AI’s Impact on Field Roles

Shawn Moran, Principal at ZS, explained how AI is changing field roles by acting as a helpful teammate. AI improves engagement, motivation, and success. Despite fears that AI might make field roles unnecessary, it helps with human interactions and problem-solving. Shawn emphasized that AI allows reps to focus on quality interactions by handling administrative tasks.

Key Benefits of AI in Field Roles:

  • Enhancing Quality: AI tools give reps insights and data, making them well-prepared and confident.
  • Boosting Efficiency: AI reduces administrative work, letting reps focus more on meaningful customer interactions.
  • Improving Training: AI coaching and simulation tools provide continuous, scalable, and high-quality training, replacing costly and time-consuming traditional methods.

Real-World Case Studies

Hallie Lynch shared case studies showing AI’s effectiveness in training:

Sanofi’s RSV Vaccine Launch

  • Challenge: Efficiently certifying 500 reps.
  • Solution: Using an AI virtual coach and certifier.
  • Results: 250 hours saved, increased proficiency, and a smoother process.

Global Pharma Onboarding

  • Challenge: Onboarding new hires with limited trainers.
  • Solution: Using an AI simulator for practice and certification.
  • Results: Over 400 practice sessions, significant improvement in competency, and increased confidence among new hires.

Benefits for Sales and Training Teams

AI-driven training solutions offer several advantages:

  • Efficiency: Reduces time and cost of traditional training methods.
  • Consistency: Provides uniform training quality across locations and teams.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Offers clear data on learner progress and areas for improvement.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Creates a safe practice space, boosting confidence and competence.

Discover More

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Embrace AI in pharmaceutical training to stay ahead and maximize your sales and training teams’ potential.