At Quantified, we combine a multidisciplinary approach to security that is central to everything we do.

Defense at Depth

Comprehensive security starts at the beginning. We start with proactive security practices that envelope our entire development and deployment process, through application, network and perimeter security and continue with systematic validation testing. Our dynamic security and privacy risk management policy protects our users from the moment they access our systems, secures their assets as they are submitted and processed, and ensures integrity of the data against corruption or loss.

Data Protection

When a user entrusts us with a personal piece of information, such as their email address, video recording or provides access to a video conference meeting, we believe that we must honor the trust placed in us by delivering industry leading data protection standards. We encrypt everything at rest and in transit, so that information is protected throughout the Quantified experience. Our data management and retention policy ensures that personal data is retained as per the contractual agreements, as required by law and can be irreversibly destroyed upon request.

Availability and Access Management

Our user experience is foundationally built on security. Through SSO, we create easily accessible systems that are integrated with our client's enterprise authentication platforms. This allows us to reduce the risk of attack and improve the customer experience at the same time.

Event Management and Response

We continually monitor for threats and use machine learning technology to identify any threats to the system. In the event of a system disruption, our team is trained and ready to respond with state of the art tools and processes. Processes are routinely refined and we conduct simulations on a regular basis.

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