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Teams that continually practice are teams that win more. Drive sales team excellence with an always-ready AI-driven sales training partner.

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Why Sales Leaders Love Us for Ongoing Training

If the only practice your team gets is on actual sales calls, they're missing the opportunity to learn new skills, get continual feedback, and drive continuous improvement. Quantified Simulator serves as a virtual 'sales gym' for your team to practice their skills and engage in ongoing sales training. And all without the risk of trying new talk tracks and skills on actual calls.

Capture & Analyze Performance at Scale

If the only practice your team members get is on real sales calls, they'll only play to their strengths - they won't take the risks needed to try new tactics to overcome weaknesses. Quantified Simulator gives your reps continual sales training to keep their skill sharp with ongoing feedback and coaching.

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Ongoing Feedback Drives Continuous Improvement

There's a reason that athletes train continuously - they don't just show up to play the game or run a marathon. Sales teams are no different. Quantified Simulator gives your team a safe, always-ready environment to run drills, learn new skills, and get feedback - without experimenting on actual calls.

Continual Training for Continuous Improvement

If your team is always training, you always have data on their potential at your fingertips with managerial dashboards. When you notice an area for improvement - whether in Quantified Simulator or in live calls - set up drills for them to work on in Simulator, so they master the skills they need most.

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Increased Confidence Leads to More Closed Deals

Sales is complex, so even fully trained reps may not be confident with all objection or all areas of the product portfolio. If your reps don't sound confident, prospects will notice. Give your reps the on-demand sales training they need to feel confident and drive deals to close.

Increase Deal Velocity 26%

A global tech company found that continuous practice with Quantified Simulator increased deal velocity by 26%. Simulator can be configured to act just like your ideal customer, with the same questions and concerns, in an environment that feels as real as your last video call. Give your reps the opportunity to work out and improve on demand.

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Automated Coaching

Reps need ongoing practice and coaching, but sales managers don't always have time (or data) to give the input that helps most. The Quantified platform simplifies coaching by enabling reps to own their development while offering scoring, benchmarking, feedback, and training materials along their journey.

An Always-Ready Practice Partner

Even when a rep knows they need a little extra practice to get in shape, they may struggle to find a manager who has time to role play or a peer who can take time off the sales foor as a practice partner. With Quantified Simulator, a quick practice session is just a click away - anytime, day or night.

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6x Your Practice for Higher Team Productivity

When sales reps have the opportunity to practice with Quantified Simulator, they practice 6x more than they do with one-on-one role play. That lifts overall team productivity, so you're less dependent on just a few high performers to carry the number.


“This is transforming how we do sales management and coaching. We finally have reps doing role plays. And the insights are driving significant growth.”

- Vice President, Global Sales and Customer Operations

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