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Coach Reps on Conversation Skills that Result in Better Business Outcomes

Quantified helps Technology companies more effectively ensure sales performance across their sales teams.

Our web-based Sales Coaching AI Platform is ideal for upskilling hybrid and distributed teams who need a flexible platform they can access at their convenience. Quantified delivers objective assessments of their current conversation skills and highly personalized coaching plans they can integrate into their existing workflows.

With Quantified, sales coaches and managers can accelerate ramp time and drive rep development while giving reps the resources and ability to own their progress and success using a platform that leads to lasting behavioral change.

What Makes Our Technology Programs So Successful?

Conversation Intelligence

Sales performance depends on strong customer relationships. Quantified evaluates real-time and simulated conversations at the rep level, using our proprietary, social and behavioral science-based technology to determine the verbal and nonverbal skills reps needed for impactful communication and connection.

Unlike scheduled training sessions that provide generalized recommendations, Quantified's automated, web-based platform provides highly personalized conversational intelligence reps can use to focus on precise skills.

In one platform, sales reps can measure their skills on a regular basis, get unbiased feedback, practice lower-scoring skills, remeasure, and continue the process until they are proficient and confident along every behavior proven to elicit positive customer response.

Analyze Data
Financial-Services-AI-Powered Rep Coaching

Sales Benchmarking

Quantified AI is capable of doing what no human can: observing sight, sound and language across more than 1,400 behaviors and then comparing them to aspirational and competitive benchmarks to identify the individual strengths and weaknesses of each rep.

For the first time ever, Technology sales coaches, managers, and leaders have insight into ideal sales behaviors so they can improve sales performance across their entire organization.

AI-Powered Rep Coaching

Our advanced AI algorithms work rapidly and in real time to analyze rep performance through real customer call videos or by providing reps with scenario prompts they can record themselves practicing using realistic avatar simulations.

The software observes every aspect of the call and presents reps with objective scores of each measured skill, with personalized practice plans proven to improve performance, most of which take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Financial-Services_Message Optimization

Message Optimization

Our AI leverages our database of over 15 billion conversation data points and 250,000 audience-scored videos to accurately predict "real-world" responses to each call or simulation.

Your Technology sales reps can use this data to practice their conversation skills and tailor their messaging per scenario and audience so they can be more effective, confident and productive in each call.

The Value of Quantified

While AI is critical, only Quantified incorporates the human element of social and behavioral science and human-scored behaviors to provide more accurate and reliable insights into actual rep communication behaviors and expected audience responses to those behaviors.



For large and distributed sales organizations, AI is essential, making Quantified the most efficient way to scale performance assessments, feedback and training across your sales team so every rep gets the personalized, regular coaching they need.

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We built our always-available platform to be motivational and allow reps to see value from Day 1 to encourage adoption and lasting behavioral change. Reps can more quickly improve the conversation and connection skills proven to drive better sales performance.


Level Up

Quantified makes it easy for Technology companies to see what conversation skills are most effective with their top reps and replicate those behaviors across their teams.

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