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AI-Powered Conversational Coaching that feels real and scales training, coaching, and certifications.

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Your AI-Powered Sales Coach is Ready for Your Team

Lift performance by analyzing over 1,400 behaviors to coach each team member to improve their abilities in the three key areas of sales skills: Rapport, Knowledge, and Process.

Super-Real Conversations, True Intelligence

You may record calls, but you can't listen to most of them - and brute-force analytics like "percentage of talk time" aren't useful coaching tools. Add the only solution that combines realistic practice with AI-powered coaching that scales across teams.

  • Realistic AI-powered practice partners

  • Trained to act like your ideal customer

  • A training "gym" that increases practice 6x

  • Practice in a safe environment and gain confidence

  • Quantify message adherence and product knowledge

  • Personalized coaching for each team member


Powerful Insight into What Makes Reps Successful

Only Quantified's Sales Simulator evaluates over 1,400 behaviors to assess your team members' skills in the three key areas of Rapport, Knowledge, and Process.

  • Standarized scores and rankings based on behavioral science

  • Measure rapport-building ability

  • Quantify product knowledge and message adherence

  • Understand sales process abilities for individuals and teams

  • Easy and simple certification capability

  • Evaluate ability to drive to a sales outcome

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Finally, Coaching that Scales

You don't have time for one-on-one coaching and practice with dozens or hundreds of reps. So let an AI-powered coach step in and help your team succeed with customers while staying on-message and moving sales cycles forward faster.

  • Innovative sales training and enablement programs

  • 42% faster ramp time

  • Speed up certification programs

  • Practice and coaching beyond SKOs

  • Consistent coaching across teams

  • Customized coaching and rubrics

  • Role play and coaching programs

Platform Features Intelligent Virtual Coaching

An On-Demand AI Sales Coach

Sales Simulator's virtual coach is always there when you need it for practice, analytics, team development, product launch, certification, or ongoing improvement.

  • Individualize coaching

  • Actionable recommendations

  • Best-practice examples

  • Guided learning journeys

  • Progress tracker

  • Milestone motivators

Quantified Simulator

Reporting that Drives Performance

Data-driven insights to help you understand participation, performance status, and progress at the rep, team, and organizational level.

  • Dashboards for administrators and managers

  • Leaderboards to drive improvement

  • Overview snapshots

  • Drill-down reports

  • Skill reports

  • Industry, role, and team benchmarks

  • Leading indicator of sales team capabilities

Platform Features Reporting   Analytics

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