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The Sales Coaching AI Platform

Address the skills gaps for your organization, build critical capabilities, develop your talent, and improve performance.

Seamless Video Capture

Our communications skills platform is an experiential learning destination—not just an online course. Learners can actually have fun as they easily engage, practice and improve their skills.

  • Behavioral assessments

  • Experiential Learning

  • Realistic avatar simulations

  • Videoconference integrations

  • Video and transcript library

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Integration into Your Systems

Seamlessly connect Quantified’s Sales Coaching AI Platform to the systems you already use.

  • Videoconference platforms

  • Calendars

  • CRM platforms

  • HCM systems

  • LMS and LXP platforms

C-IQ Scorecard and Benchmarking

Leveraging human-trained AI to index individual strengths, learners receive a C-IQ Score, a definitive measure of communication effectiveness.

  • Evaluates 1000+ behaviors across 24 skills

  • Validated credential

  • Standardized scores and rankings

  • Strengths assessment

  • Improvement guidance

  • Comparative benchmarking

QC ScoreTM 2019 Quantified Communications
Platform Features Intelligent Virtual Coaching

Ongoing Virtual Coaching

Using sight, sound and language understanding, Quantified acts as a virtual coach, identifying skill gaps and ongoing opportunities for improvement.

  • Personalized feedback

  • Guided learning journeys

  • Progress tracker

  • Milestone motivators

  • Tips and best practices

Intelligence that Drives Performance

Demonstrate measurable outcomes and performance gains and identify skills gaps across your organization through our reporting and analytics.

  • Individual reports

  • Team-level reports

  • Organizational talent reports

  • Progress reports

  • Industry, role and team benchmarks

Platform Features Reporting   Analytics

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