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Quantified Sales AI Simulator

Hyper-realistic, video-based simulations that mimic actual customer conversations. Role playing will never be the same.

The Missing Piece of Sales Training

Prepare reps to go live with realistic, AI-simulated role playing and immediate feedback, scoring, and coaching. It’s like a flight simulator for sellers.

Video-Based, AI-Simulated Role Playing

Quantified makes role playing effective, easy, and repeatable. We build an AI replica of your customer and train them on your materials for you. Your salespeople can then continually role-play practice with the video avatar in a safe space for making mistakes, learn, and improve.

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Financial-Services-AI-Powered Rep Coaching

Intelligence on Your Customer Conversations

Our AI takes your existing product, customer, and conversation data, plus questions you want the “customer” to ask to create a likely conversation. We train your realistic avatar to react like your customer, asking and responding to questions to prepare reps for real cycles.

Realistic Avatars That Evolve Continuously

Based on Generative AI, we train our simulator on your actual sales conversations via our Zoom and Teams integrations. We log and educate the avatar on any questions it can’t answer, making it more intelligent and conversational with every simulated conversation.

objectively measure success
certify your reps at scale

Instant Performance Feedback

After each short role play with your rep, the AI simulator provides instant, objective feedback, scoring, and coaching. It pinpoints specific strengths and weaknesses in staying on-message, clarity, and handling objections compared with benchmarks. It even suggests on which skills, talk track, and behaviors need further development.

Team Overviews, Game Tape, and Scoring

With built-in reports and analytics, managers and leaders can cover selling behaviors, product knowledge, and sales process with confidence. Managers can zero in on exactly where their reps need to improve and where they can provide 1x1 attention.

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Gamification and Certification

We help you drive adoption with leaderboards, readiness certifications, and ongoing pulses to ensure your team is ready to perform and win.

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