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An AI-driven simulation solution for product and messaging certification programs for field teams in Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services, and other industries

The Quantified AI Sales Simulation Platform for Certification Programs

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Why Certification Program Leaders Love Us

Quantified is the world’s most advanced Sales AI Simulation and Certification Program Platform. End the bottleneck of reps waiting for an available practice partner or trainer. With Quantified, reps are empowered to role play on their own, get automated coaching on their strengths and weaknesses, and engage with a personalized training path that gets them certified and selling - faster.

Certify Large Teams on Products and Messaging Without Bottlenecks

Artificial intelligence makes it easy to enable reps to learn, practice, and - when they're ready - take the certification exam. No more time wasted waiting for a trainer to become available to role play for the exam.

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Be Certain in Certification By Removing Subjectivity

Even the best evaluation rubric, when administered by different trainers, will yield different results. Bring AI and behavioral science into your process for more consistent, objective results from your certification programs.

Quantify Both Message Pull-Through and Rep Capabilities

Understand in quantitative terms how effectively your reps are getting the message across - and how persuasively they communicate to close business.

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A Faster Process Means Happier Reps

With less waiting around for a trainer, your team gets the certification out of the way so they can get back to selling more quickly. Trainers, managers, and learners all love the immersive experience almost as much as they love the time they get back.

Increase Efficiency 3x-5x

Are manual training and certification processes slowing your time to market? Even if you move fast on program development, getting every last field team member paired with a trainer for certification slows down your time to market. Give your team always-ready AI practice partners and coaches for the certification process speeds things up...getting your team to market faster.

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Automated Coaching

Effective coaching is a core part of certification programs, but it’s often unsustainable due to scale. The Quantified platform simplifies coaching by enabling reps to own their development while offering scoring, benchmarking, feedback, and training materials along their journey.

Personalize Team Member Development

Every field team member may need to pass the same certification exam - but they all learn differently. Quantified’s Sales AI Platform serves as a private coach, providing personalized guidance and coaching, and tracking their progress.

Our Sales AI Simulation and Coaching Platform certifies all your team members against the same objective criteria while helping everyone learn in the way that best fits their learning style.

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Faster Certification, Higher Productivity

Get learners through the certification as quickly as possible by removing the bottleneck of role play with human trainers. That gets your team into the field and selling as quickly as possible while your competitors' field force is idling in a conference room and waiting their turn.



“With Quantified, we really felt like we had found our solution. It was super easy for the learners, and the managers were able to start coaching right away."

- Chrissy Richards, Director of Commercial Training, Sanofi

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