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Behavioral science and AI can improve your customer relationships and increase close rates by 20%

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Quantified helps insurance companies leverage conversational intelligence to upskill sales agents along 24 key verbal and nonverbal communication skills proven to result in better outcomes, including stronger customer connections and higher close rates.

Our cloud-based Sales Coaching AI Platform relies on behavioral science, AI and benchmarking data to make it easy for sales coaches and managers to develop every agent's conversation techniques so they have more confidence and build greater customer trust.

Quantified is highly scalable, automatically assessing any number of agents via video, providing unbiased feedback with predicted audience response, and offering personalized coaching plans to develop weaker skills.

What Makes Our Insurance Industry Programs So Successful?

Conversation Intelligence

Quantified built the only Sales Coaching AI Platform that focuses on optimizing human connections and delivering lasting behavioral change.

No other platform objectively assesses comprehensive verbal and nonverbal skills in call videos, provides a tailored development path, and offers realistic avatar simulations for practice.

Quantified enables agents to get highly-targeted skill training based on real calls and scenario prompts so insurance agents can continually seek unbiased feedback on what they're doing right, where they can improve, and how to do it.

Analyze Data
Financial-Services-AI-Powered Rep Coaching

Sales Benchmarking

Our software ingests data collected from over 1,400 observed communication behaviors and compares them with performance benchmarks from top producers to pinpoint the most effective skills.

These insights ensure agents have objective data to see where they measure up so they and their managers can set aspirational skills development goals.

AI-Powered Agent Coaching

AI is the key to coaching agents at scale, giving every agent objective performance data, an actionable development plan, and unlimited practice and reassessments at their convenience.

This virtual coaching method integrates seamlessly into their existing workflows, giving agents control over injecting 10-minute learning activities into their day so they can stay productive.

Financial-Services_Message Optimization

Message Optimization

Our AI leverages our database of over 15 billion conversation data points and 250,000 audience-scored videos to provide an audience "digital twin" that accurately predicts "real-world" audience responses to each of your calls or simulations.

Insurance agents can prepare and go into calls with greater assurance they will have effective conversations that will move their audience to the desired action.

The Value of Quantified

Today's salesforce needs modern technology to truly develop lasting behavioral change. Quantified’s Sales Coaching AI Platform combines data from social and behavioral science, AI, and human-scored behaviors to give Insurance companies a more accurate, objective and personalized way to empower agents to be excellent communicators.



AI makes coaching highly scalable so every agent gets the regular, personalized assessment, feedback and guidance they need to be successful.

empower coaches


Quantified's web-based platform is always accessible, objective and motivating so agents experience its value from Day 1.


Level Up

Our AI-powered coaching gives Insurance companies the ability to efficiently upskill agents to set benchmarks to more quickly and cost-effectively achieve organizational objectives.

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