Financial Services Success Depends on Trust

Leverage behavioral science to improve your customer relationships and increase close rates by 20%

Boost Performance by Improving How Your People Connect

Quantified helps Financial Services firms develop communication skills that are proven to elicit more positive customer and prospect reactions and stronger customer connections and loyalty.

It’s important to use AI-based coaching designed for the unique situations financial services teams encounter. Our Sales Coaching AI Platform is based in science and uses AI and extensive benchmarketing data to objectively measure current conversation behaviors, predict audience response, and deliver personalized coaching plans that can improve every rep’s performance—at scale.

It's the only Sales Coaching AI Platform that goes beyond optimizing the sales process or scales script to optimizing the actual human connection. Our solution delivers measurable behavioral change and business impact at the individual rep, team and organization levels.

What Makes Our Financial Services Programs So Successful?

Conversation Intelligence

Quantified starts at the conversation level, offering an advanced conversation intelligence based on a proprietary, social and behavioral science-based model of impactful communication and connection. No other platform considers both the words and soft skills that make up a conversation - not just the what, but also the how.

Instead of sitting in training and getting generalized, subjective feedback on an annual basis, the Quantified Sales Coaching AI Platform offers coaches and reps a flow-of-work support system with analytics tailored to the financial services industry to provide continuous intelligence and coaching.

Financial-Services-Conversation Intelligence
Financial-Services-Sales Benchmarking

Sales Benchmarking

Our software observes sight, sound and language across more than 1,400 behaviors, comparing them to aspirational and competitive benchmarks to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Only Quantified can help leaders understand exactly why their top performers excel so they can empower managers with data to build those skills across their teams at scale.

AI-Powered Rep Coaching

Our advanced AI algorithms work rapidly and in real time to analyze the performance of reps in training and real customer calls, taking in every verbal, vocal, non-verbal, and behavioral detail.

The Quantified Sales Coaching AI Platform engine removes subjectivity, presenting each rep with unbiased, personalized scores and improvement plans they can easily manage in their existing workflows to plan and improve their performance.

Financial-Services-AI-Powered Rep Coaching
Financial-Services_Message Optimization

Message Optimization

Our AI leverages our database of over 15 billion conversation data points and 250,000 audience-scored videos to accurately predict "real-world" responses to each of your calls or simulations.

Your financial services reps can take this objective feedback, engage in web-based, realistic avatar simulations and guided training to build their skills, improve messages and talk tracks per anticipated audience and scenario, watching their scores and confidence improve.

The Value of Quantified

Only Quantified’s Sales Coaching AI Platform is based on social and behavioral science, AI, and human-scored behaviors, so managers, coaches and reps get data-based insights into actual performance and skills. No other solution is as scientific, automated, personalized or effective in building measurable behavioral change.



Quantified's AI algorithms are highly scalable across your organization so every rep can benefit from the program with consistent measurement, objective feedback and personalized training opportunities.

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Continually Improve

Our web-based platform is easily accessible and motivational, helping reps see their potential and feel empowered to continually improve their conversation and relationship-building skills that drive better sales performance.


Level Up

Quantified provides the unbiased data Financial Services organizations need to see what's working and how to replicate those behaviors and skills across their teams.

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