Develop High-Performing Sales Teams

Leverage behavioral science and AI to improve your customer relationships and increase close rates by 20%.

Boost Performance by Improving How Your People Connect

Quantified helps Financial Services firms develop skills that are proven to elicit more positive customer and prospect reactions and stronger customer connections and loyalty.

Our Sales AI Simulation and Coaching Platform is based on science and uses AI simulations, feedback and coaching that can improve every rep’s performance — at scale. Through role-play practice, objective feedback, and actionable development plans, reps more rapidly develop their skills for better sales performance.

What Makes Our Financial Services Programs So Successful?

Realistic, AI Simulations for Role Plays

We get it, you want your reps to practice more and your managers to do more role play, but many organizations struggle to create training programs that encourage deliberate practice, coaching, and consistent feedback.

So we created role-play software based on a proprietary, science-based model that focuses on regular practice, objective feedback and coaching, and analytics so every rep can improve their skills faster and meet or surpass their quotas.

Financial-Services-Conversation Intelligence
Financial-Services-Sales Benchmarking

AI-Powered Rep Coaching

Our advanced AI algorithms assess sight, sound and language in every training and customer call to give you objective performance data for each of your team members and benchmark this against top performers in your team and the industry.

Our Sales AI Simulation and Coaching Platform ingests objective data and insights to provide each rep with actionable behavioral guidance they can implement on their next call to improve their performance.

Message Optimization

Our audience “digital twin” accurately predicts real-world responses based on our unrivaled database of human conversations, containing over 15 billion data points and 250,000 videos scored for impact by real audiences.

Reps can use this data and feedback to practice improving via realistic avatar simulations and guided exercises to optimize messages and talk tracks, even adjusting by audience or situation to they’re more prepared and confident for the next call.

Financial-Services_Message Optimization
Financial-Services-AI-Powered Rep Coaching

Sales Benchmarking

Sales benchmarking helps you understand what sets your top performers apart so you can replicate those behaviors across the entire team. Our software objectively measures and scores capabilities against high performers and industry benchmarks to identify strengths and weaknesses.

And our custom sales analytics provides an objective assessment of key revenue-driving selling behaviors (e.g. probe for growth, dialog vs. tell, use of visual aid, strong close) in every call — simulated role-play, recorded, or even live.

The Value of Quantified



We help you scale and drive consistency in your coaching culture by providing personalized, AI-powered coaching based on objective data, not guesswork.

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Continually Improve

The Quantified Platform is a valuable resource reps will want to continually use to practice, evaluate, certify, and improve skills, driving lasting behavior change and quantifiable increases in sales performance.


Level Up

We level up the skills and impact of your entire team and offer an experience your sales teams will love to maximize engagement.


OpenLending Grayscale

" provides a realistic sales presentation experience. It allows our sales representatives to present and answer real questions they will encounter from prospects. It has improved opportunity progression through the sales cycle by 13.97% in the first four months after deploying"

- Greg Tolmachoff, VP of Sales Operations, OpenLending

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