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We’re On a Mission

Now more than ever, we know that extraordinary human connection is the key to enhancing our impact, creating improved interactions among people and communities, and establishing greater human understanding and equity. And that's what we want to unlock for you.


What sets us apart is two things:

Grounded in Behavioral Science: Our obsessive drive to base everything we do on behavioral science, research, and data. Since our founding in 2012, we've been applying the latest in computational social science to identify what makes people high-performers.

Using AI to Enhance People: We are deeply committed to leveraging our technology to enrich human connection and positively impact society at scale. We believe that AI should have meaning and purpose so that it can serve everyone and improve the human experience.

Quantified is now the global standard for measuring, benchmarking, and improving human connection skills. And, we've crafted a personalized, experiential, and fun software platform to democratize practice, coaching, and improved performance for everyone, everywhere.

Join us.

Working at Quantified

Quantified is creating an amazing community of organizations, leaders, learners, reps, managers, and coaches that will ultimately serve millions of people globally.

Join us in transforming people to reach their true potential and peak performance levels. If you’re interested in helping us to achieve this mission, we want you on our team.

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