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An automated solution for onboarding and upleveling reps faster and more consistently to help you achieve greater success and bring measurable value to your organization.

The Quantified Sales AI Simulation and Coaching Platform

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Why Sales Enablement Leaders Love Us

Quantified is the world’s most advanced Sales AI Simulation and Coaching Platform, and it goes way beyond your typical sales enablement platform, LMS, or manual coaching rubrics. With Quantified, reps are empowered to role play on their own, get automated coaching on their strengths and weaknesses, and engage with a personalized training path that helps them sell more, faster.

Identify Problems Early & Replicate Winning Behaviors

Artificial intelligence makes it easy to identify capability gaps in the sales organization for early intervention while also recognizing star performers who can set benchmarks for others to strive for as the entire organization improves.

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Understand Organizational Performance at the Team & Rep Levels

Sales organization success depends on individual sales rep performance. Quantified provides deep insights at multiple levels so sales leaders can strategize on ways to improve rep attainment, close rates, and sales cycle times.

Upskill Your Sales Organization with Experiential Learning

Give sales managers the ability to use behavioral data from top performers to benchmark and coach up reps, blending realistic role-play simulations and scenarios with coaching goals to drive organizational performance.

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Ramp Up New Reps Faster & More Consistently

Deploy an AI-based solution that gives sales managers a consistent and sustainable way to shorten rep onboarding time so they can bring greater value to the sales organization faster, even with growing or dispersed sales teams.

Increase Sales Manager Feedback 2x

So you want your Sales Managers to coach more?. Our platform may be based in science, but we made personal assessments, scoring and training fun. From incredibly realistic AI simulations to competitive leaderboards, reps actually enjoy developing skills - and are motivated to ask their managers for more feedback.

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Automated Sales Coaching

Providing ongoing sales coaching is a best practice, but it’s often unsustainable due to scale. The Quantified platform simplifies coaching by enabling reps to own their development while offering scoring, benchmarking, feedback, and training materials along their journey.

Personalize Sales Rep Development

It’s often not possible to customize sales training per rep, let alone understand each rep’s strengths and weaknesses. Quantified’s Sales AI Platform serves as a private coach, rapidly assessing each rep’s real world sales calls, providing reps with personalized guidance and coaching, and tracking their progress against their own biggest performance gaps.

In addition to hundreds of our own proven coaching materials, our Sales AI Simulation and Coaching Platform can take organizational training material and increase and extend its impact by offering it to reps when they are receptive and working on a related performance gap.

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Powerful Intelligence in One Solution

Give sales managers, coaches, and leaders all the resources they need with access to leaderboards, certifications, top-performing scripts and videos, and sales methodology insights in one solution to build efficiency into sales development.


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"Quantified provides a realistic sales presentation experience. It allows our sales representatives to present and answer real questions they will encounter from our prospects."

- Greg Tolmachoff, VP of Sales Operations, OpenLending

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