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Anyone can memorize a script, but the most successful sales reps know sales is about making a human connection, solving a real problem, and building a relationship through effective communication.

The Quantified Sales Coaching AI Platform

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Why Sales Leaders Love Us

Quantified is the world’s most advanced Sales Coaching AI Platform, and it goes way beyond your typical sales productivity metrics, deal board, or quarterly training exercises. With Quantified, you gain visibility into exactly how you can enable your team to improve selling performance, improve your customer experience, and generate more revenue.

Identify & Replicate Winning Behaviors

Artificial intelligence makes it easier and faster than ever to define excellent sales performance, benchmarking selling skills and role-play conversations against our database of effective selling behaviors to identify the behaviors that will drive winning outcomes.

Capture & Analyze Performance at Scale

Quantified's deep-learning AI uses sight, sound and language to capture and analyze over 1,400 performance behaviors at the rep level to understand connections. All we need is a video. And it's turnkey into both training and selling workflows.

Analyze Data
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Optimize Selling Behaviors

Based on real world data, our system provides automated, personalized feedback, precise benchmarking, accurate customer perception predictions, and behavioral guidance to improve specific behavior gaps.

Upskill Your Entire Team with Experiential Learning

Use behavioral data from your top performers to benchmark and coach up reps, blending realistic simulations and scenarios with coaching goals to drive organizational performance.

Onboard Your New Reps Faster

Get your newly-hired reps up to speed faster and set them up for success by showing them objective details of what your top performers do well, and give them a roadmap to excellence.

Certify Your Reps at Scale

From product knowledge to messaging to behavioral skills, we personalize and automate how you train. Our objective, AI-based evaluation improves seller readiness, confidence and performance.

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Why Sales Leaders Love Us

Coaching sales reps at scale can be daunting without Quantified. Our Sales Coaching AI Platform allows sales coaches to guide and monitor reps without having to hold their hands.

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Your Personal Sales Coach

Quantified not only presents personalized data, but it presents an attainable path to improvement your sales reps can own. They can work on their development in a safe and private environment.

Conversation & Skill Practice Without Pressure

Not everyone starts at the same level, so why do you deliver the same training to everyone?

After automated assessment of their real world sales calls, your reps receive personalized guidance and AI-powered coaching. They can then measure their ongoing performance and progress against their own biggest performance gaps.

In addition to hundreds of our own proven coaching materials, our Sales Coaching AI Platform can take your own training material and increase and extend its impact by offering it to reps when they are receptive and working on a related performance gap.

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Powerful Intelligence

Sales managers, coaches, and leaders get access to leaderboards, certifications, top-performing scripts and videos, and sales methodology insights.

"This is transforming how we do sales management and coaching. The insights are driving significant growth."

- Christopher Lee
Organizational Development
Global Sales & Customer Operations

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