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Let’s Level-Up How You Sell Medical Devices.

Taking Medical Device Sales Conversations to Another Level

Selling medical devices can be a large investment for healthcare providers, requiring multiple and often complex conversations with different stakeholders in the organization. The best reps don’t make a one-time sale — they build a relationship. Ensuring your sales professionals are prepared and capable to do so is critical.

The Quantified Sales AI Simulation and Coaching Platform facilitates role play through realistic AI simulations so they can increase practice and get more coaching, resulting in an average of 20% increase in sales performance.

Unlike sales training solutions that only focus on words and technical product knowledge, our AI platform concentrates on building skills like staying on message, being clear and concise, and handling objections. No other solution is as effective, scalable and engaging.

What Makes Our Medical Device Industry Programs So Successful?

Med Field Force

Field Force Conversational Intelligence

We use a proprietary, science-based model of effective communication and connection, validated by actual audience panels to present unprecedented skills development.

Our platform reviews sales conversations at scale, including live and recorded calls and role-play simulations. We provide rich analytics and an objective assessment of key revenue-driving selling behaviors (e.g. asking open-ended questions, dialog vs. tell, strong close) in every call.

Med AI-Powered

AI-Powered Rep Coaching

Quantified’s advanced AI algorithms automatically and rapidly assess sight, sound and language in every training and customer call, generating objective performance data at the rep level with benchmarks against top performers and the industry.

Our Sales AI Simulation and Coaching Platform goes a step further by taking that personalized data to develop AI-powered, online coaching activities and plans for each rep to improve weaknesses at their own pace. With our actionable behavioral guidance, reps are empowered to continuall develop their skills.

Med Message Optimization

Message Optimization

Our technology compares your reps’ video performances with our massive database of human conversations, containing over 15 billion data points and 250,000 videos scored for impact by real audiences to predict audience perception.

Using scored data based on behavioral science, reps can engage in realistic avatar simulations and guided exercises to optimize their messaging to fit particular audience types so they can make the most of their time, build trust and strong relationships, and perform at a higher level.

Med Rep Certification

Rep Certification

Our AI platform enables you to deliver consistent, AI-based evaluation that scores readiness, certifies messaging, and dramatically improves seller confidence and performance outcomes. Customer-ready reps win more deals, expand deals, build pipeline faster, and help generate more revenue for the organization.

Med Deep Insights

Deep Insights to Improve Organizational Performance

The Quantified Sales AI Simulation and Coaching Platform helps you understand the intricate details the characteristics of your top performers so you can replicate those specific behaviors across the team. With unbiased data on strengths and areas for improvement across 24 attributes of great communication, it’s much easier and more motivating for reps to continually practice.

Managers and coaches can easily see how each rep and team are engaging, performing, and progressing, making performance reviews more objective, effective, and actionable.

The Value of Quantified

Farma Scale


We help you scale and drive consistency in your coaching culture by providing personalized, AI-powered coaching based on objective data, not guesswork.

Farma Deliver

Continually Improve

The Quantified Platform is a valuable resource reps will want to continually use to practice, evaluate, certify, and improve skills, driving lasting behavior change and quantifiable increases in sales performance.

Farma Level Up

Level Up

We level up the skills and impact of your entire team and offer an experience your sales teams will love to maximize engagement.

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