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No more flailing (and failing) for new team members on their first sales calls. Train them for sales conversations with Quantified's AI-driven virtual avatars that look, talk, and respond like your ideal customer.

The Quantified AI Sales Simulation Platform for New Hire Onboarding

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Why Leaders Love Us for Training New Hires

Are you struggling to find enough time for your sales managers to role play with new sales hires? Or are you putting new sales hires on calls with real prospects before they're ready? Quantified is the world’s most advanced Sales AI Simulation Platform. With Quantified, reps role play on their own, get automated coaching on their strengths and weaknesses, and engage with a personalized training path. Finally, you can know when your reps are ready for real sales conversations.

Understand New Hire Strengths, Weaknesses, and Capabilities

Artificial intelligence takes the guesswork out of knowing when new hires are ready for sales conversations - and speeds up their time to quota-capable. And it saves times that managers don't have for one-on-one role play, while giving you the metrics to deploy new hires with confidence.

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Drive Continuous Improvement from Day One

Sitting in training classes and shadowing reps doesn't give you any insight into whether the new hires are learning what they need to learn or not. With Quantified, they can role play and get immediate feedback on their skills, so both you and they know where to focus and how to improve.

Free Sales Managers (and New Hires) from Tedious Role Play

The problem with one-on-one role play for training is simple: it's awkward, so nobody likes it and nobody does any more of it than they absolutely have to. And did we mention that it doesn't scale?

With Quantified, your reps will practice 6x more because it's easy, always-available, and - believe it or not - almost fun! Your sales managers will coach more, too. And they'll do so based on data that drives performance, so everyone wins.

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Learn Faster, Ramp Faster, Sell More

The only thing that's certain with a new rep is that they cost you money and occupy a seat that you hope will become productive. The faster they learn and ramp, the faster they become productive. And with Quantified, you know when they're capable and when they need extra training. So there's no more guesswork about when they'r ready to hit the floor and sell.

Speed Up Sales Cycles by 14%

One of the hardest things with new sales hires is increasing the velocity of their deals. Even when they're fully trained, they tend to take longer to close deals than more tenured reps. And since those deals take longer to close, you have to wait longer to know whether they're going to be productive. Since reps practice more and get ongoing feedback with Quantified, they more deals faster - and you get them fully productive more quickly.

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Managerial Dashboards

As a leader, you need to be able to benchmark your team's capabilities and understand who's the most skilled, who needs help, and who's not going to cut it. Quantified's dashboards give you that data in an objective way, so you can make those tough decisions more quickly and improve the output of the entire team.

Personalize Team Member Development

Your sales reps may all sell similar products, but they all have different strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities. Quantified’s Sales AI Platform serves as a private coach, providing personalized guidance and coaching, and tracking their progress. And team members who need extra role play for practice can finally get it without taking up manager time or taking a peer off the floor as a role play partner.

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Faster Team Member Ramping, Higher Team Productivity

Get learners through training as quickly as possible by removing the bottleneck of role play with human trainers. That gets your team into the field and selling as quickly as possible while your competitors' sales team is idling in a conference room and waiting their turn.


OpenLending Grayscale

“Quantified provides a realistic sales presentation experience. It allows our sales representatives to present and answer real questions they will encounter from our prospects.”

- Greg Tolmachoff, VP of Sales Operations at OpenLending

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