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Conversational Role Play that Actually Works

Role play is the best way to help sales reps ramp faster and improve their skills. There's just one problem...everyone hates role play. It's awkward for reps, a time suck for managers, and you can't see coaching data consistently across teams.

So everyone knows it works, but nobody gets enough practice and coaching.

But role play doesn't have to suck. Teams using Quantified's Sales Simulator practice more and ramp faster. And you can finally know when team members are quota-capable and ready to hit the floor!

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Role Play

Conversational avatars feel as real as your last video call and act like your target customer. That's why Sales Simulator users practice 6x more.

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Capability Analytics

Get data - not just subjective feedback - on your team's skills, abilities, and adherence to message.

AI Coaching

AI Coaching

Team members ramp 42% faster with personalized, actionable recommendations that coach your reps - and your managers! - to success.


Certification & Reporting

Drive excellence across your company with individual, team, and organizational-level insights. Finally, you can certify with certainty.

How It Works

Quantified's Sales Simulator gives your reps a super-realistic, conversational, and safe "sparring partner" for unlimited practice and learning. We train that avatar on your messaging, product, and market. Then we capture the data from practice sessions to help coach your team, driving quantified skills improvement of up to 28% in a year.

AI-Powered Role Play Simulations

It's as easy as a video call for your reps, because our AI does the heavy lifting of capturing data from role plays and privately recorded practice videos. Our platform sees, hears, notices, and evaluates every nuance of visual and verbal communication, backed by ten years of research.

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Analyze Behaviors

Quantified is built on ten years of behavioral science work, so we can measure behaviors and skills that are proven to drive sales performance. And our platform also evaluates reps against a custom rubric developed for you, so you can know that reps are on-message.

Analyze Data

Deliver Improvement

We deliver dynamic, AI-powered coaching, including personalized insights on how reps measure up against benchmarks and against peers. Goal-setting, gamification, and certification makes practice engaging and fun, resulting in 42% faster ramp time and 19% higher win rates for frequent users.


Why Quantified?

Whether you're managing big-ticket complex sales or high-volume call centers, you're serious about team performance. So Quantified's Sales Simulator helps your team get serious about practice and coaching - especially when the team is large enough that scaling is hard.

  • Role Play Works When It Feels Real

    You can't learn to ride a bicycle by watching videos or listening to trainers. And you can't learn to sell that way, either. Help your team learn by doing and certify with certainty.

  • Ramp Faster, Sell More

    Teams using Quantified's Sales Simulator ramp new team members 42% faster and increase win rates 19%.

  • Scale Across Teams

    Sales Simulator is trained on your messaging, enablement materials, call recordings, and selling best practices. That gives your team consistent, on-message practice while freeing your managers to focus where their coaching is needed most.

  • More Practice, Better Results

    Every rep has a consistent, safe, and always-available practice partner. So reps using Sales Simulator increase their amount of practice by 6x. 

  • Know Who's Ready

    Quantified's analytics, coaching, and certification on message adherence and sales process means that you don't have to guess who's ready to hit the floor or sell that new product. Finally, you can know.

  • Analytics That Matter

    Call recording platforms offer basic metrics like talk-to-listen ratio, but don’t tell you if your reps are on-message, persuasive, and moving the sale forward. Our analytics provide that data as well as tailored recommendations for you and your team members.


We integrate with the tools your reps use to talk to customers, and tailor our analytics to your existing sales process to provide continuous intelligence for ongoing improvement. See our Integrations.


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