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The leading sales coaching AI platform used by organizations around the world to create measurably better conversations and outcomes.

Improve Your Business Performance with Quantified

What sets your top performers apart? What conversations impact your customer’s perception of your brand? Which messages resonate most with your audience? Quantified answers these questions and more so sales coaches and reps know what’s working, what isn’t, and how to improve specific conversation skills.

convo capture

Conversation Capture

Live, recorded or realistic simulations, a complete experience that’s easily integrated into flow of work.

action oriented

Action-Oriented Analytics

Machine learning-based approaches that prioritize actions and predict behaviors at scale.

AI Coaching

AI Coaching

Personalized, actionable recommendations across dozens of behaviors based on video observations.


Certification & Reporting

Personalized insights at the individual, team and organizational levels that drive aggregate improvement.

How It Works

Quantified captures and analyzes your conversations to provide you with feedback, insights, and coaching at the individual, team and organizational levels.
Our digital and scalable platform promotes individual behavior change and drives real skill improvement of up to 28% in a year.

Capture Communication

We make it easy to capture your communication with integrations into live videoconference calls, immersive simulations, faciliated role plays, and the ability to privately record practice videos - all in the regular flow of work. Our platform sees and hears every nuance of your performance, behaviors that humans and other solutions often miss.

Financial-Services_Message Optimization

Analyze Behaviors

Our human-trained, deep-learning AI uses sight, sound, and language understanding to gather and assess 1,400 behaviors per piece of communication content. We score and benchmark your behaviors, identifying and scoring strengths and weaknesses across key behaviors and providing objective insights into where to focus coaching at the personal, rep and team levels.

Analyze Data

Deliver Improvement

We deliver dynamic AI-Powered coaching, including personalized insights on how each skill measures up to the benchmark and against peers, actionable guidance on how to improve your skills, goal-setting, gamification, and certification to make optimizing behaviors engaging and fun, leading to lasting behavioral change.

Financial-Services-AI-Powered Rep Coaching

Why Quantified?

Anyone can use Quantified to improve their communications skills, but our platform is ideal for any organization with customer-facing staff.

  • Measurable & Objective

    Quantified offers unbiased communication skills measurements at the individual level using a research-validated, AI-based scoring model and diverse benchmarking database rather than generalized assumptions.

  • Personalized & Scalable

    Our digital platform allows learners to address individual strengths and areas for growth at their own pace and gives managers oversight with the ability to scale skills development across their teams.

  • Engaging & Self-Paced

    We built our platform to be engaging, motivating and interesting to inspire people to regularly evaluate their conversation skills and challenge themselves to transform weaknesses to strengths.

  • Visual & Repeatable

    Quantified offers a visual way to understand communications skills and a continuous skills development model in a cost-effective solution that serves your entire organization for the long term.

  • Based on Reality

    Know for sure if your investment in positioning, messaging, and people is creating improved revenue performance outcomes, customer perceptions and messaging impact.

  • Secure & Compliant

    Quantified is engineered to provide enterprise-grade security and compliance while ensuring you retain control over your data.


Our secure, compliant platform integration in Microsoft Teams and Zoom creates a seamless experience in both training and selling workflows. We can also tailor our analytics to your existing sales model to provide continuous intelligence for stronger business performance.
More coming soon.


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