How AI is Transforming Learning in Life Sciences: Expert Practitioners Speak

The life sciences industry is being rapidly transformed by artificial intelligence (AI). Trainers and educators must be prepared to adapt - or risk missing out.

Listen in on a discussion between Kevin Kutler, Head of Sales Training at Regeneron; Rashonda Burkett, Director of Medical Capabilities at Novartis; and Andreas Mueller, Advisory Board member for Deloitte and ZS Associates.

Together, they provide priceless insights that will help training professionals and industry leaders get ahead of the cutting-edge convergence of AI and life sciences education.

Key Learning Points:

  • Why Life Sciences companies are adopting AI for training and education.
  • The business impact delivered by AI tools in practice.
  • Challenges and opportunities in driving adoption of AI in your organization.

Hear firsthand experiences on navigating change and driving success.

About your speakers:

Kevin Kutler

Kevin Kutler
Head of Training, Regeneron

Kevin is the current Head of Sales Training at Regeneron, and was the head of US Training at Novartis for ten years. In addition, he held various roles in sales, marketing and operations

Andreas Mueller

Andreas Mueller
Advisory Board Member, Deloitte, ZS Associates, Quantified, and BELIEVE Partners

Andreas is the former CIO of Novartis Pharma and has focused his career on driving transformation and scaling digital technology globally.

Rashonda Burkett

Rashonda is the Director of Medical Capabilities for Novartis and has worked for UCB and Sanofi in medical liaison roles. Rashonda's background as a Primary Care Clinical Pharmacist informs her work.

Russ Somers

Russ leads marketing for Quantified. He brings over 20 years of experience in marketing business-to-business SaaS products across a variety of industries. Before Quantified, Russ was the CMO of Lytho and VP of Marketing at TrustRadius, TrendKite (acquired by Cision), sonarDesign, and Invodo (acquired by CoCreativ).

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