How AI Can Improve Your Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Certification Program

The US pharmaceutical sales industry made $550 billion in revenue in 2021—but despite that high number, only 41% of Americans have a degree of trust in pharmaceutical companies. For pharmaceutical sales organizations, that large market and the relatively low level of trust is a great opportunity to grow.  While you may already have an in-house…

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How-to-Shorten-Your Time-to-Productivity-With-Better-Sales -raining-Onboarding

How to Shorten Your Time to Productivity With Better Sales Training Onboarding

Hiring customer-facing employees is both a gamble and a long-term investment. Companies hiring new employees might have to wait up to six months before breaking even. The risk of frequent turnover, a slow burn to full productivity, and changing market norms that make it feel like sales teams are constantly playing catch-up with customer expectations…

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7 Foundational Tips for Improving Sales Performance in 2023

What is sales performance? Industry experts give different definitions, ranging from the number of closed deals (the most straightforward metric) to more complex concepts of how salespeople use their time to nurture leads and relationships. More and more organizations are combining ‘performance’ with ‘productivity.’ especially in sales environments where customer retention and long-term relationships are…

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male candidate handshaking with manager after successful job interview

Guide to Hiring a Sales Manager

Without a successful sales team, an organization can’t thrive. The sales team turns leads into customers, guiding prospects through their concerns until they arrive at the sale. But while an effective sales team is crucial to your bottom line, a sales team can’t function correctly without hiring a sales manager to lead it.  That leads…

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coaching experiences at scale

How to Select the Best AI-Powered Sales Training

Technology, specifically artificial intelligence (AI), could be the ally you need to create effective training and coaching experiences at scale for your sales representatives. Even though not all AI sales training solutions perform the same, the power of AI will undoubtedly lead to better results for both individuals and teams. According to Gartner, “By 2020,…

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Artificial Intelligence Image

What Is Conversation Intelligence and How Does It Help You Create Personalized, Scalable Coaching Programs?

What Is Conversation Intelligence? ​​Enhancing your sales team’s customer connection and conversation skills is the most effective way to drive revenue. In practice, however, you are limited in your ability to watch to live calls to assess how your team is doing objectively. Instead, when asking what is conversation intelligence, you can automatically identify individual…

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Modernizing Sales Coaching Tools for Better Virtual Connections

Challenges for Sales Coaching Tools in a Virtual Sales Environment What was once believed to be a temporary solution to the COVID-19 shutdown, virtual sales calls look like they’re here to stay. It’s high time for sales coaching tools to change from what they were before the pandemic. There is a need to update both…

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theranos accountability final

Communicating with confidence in a crisis: Lessons from Theranos

Some bad blood has developed over the last couple of weeks between tech startup Theranos and the Wall Street Journal. Theranos a Silicon Valley company run by 31-year-old CEO Elizabeth Holmes, is claiming to have revolutionized blood testing with technology that can run all your tests with just the prick of a finger. Holmes’ goal…

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Fiorina Won the Debate, Analytics Say

This post was originally published on The Daily Beast on September 17, 2015. According to our data-driven scorecard, Carly Fiorina’s confidence shined, while Chris Christie excelled in attack mode and Donald Trump controlled the tone. The second GOP debate on CNN was a marathon battle, with 11 candidates bumping and jostling for the lead.

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