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What makes the best corporate profile photo? A data-driven analysis

A picture is worth a thousand words, as the old proverb in journalism goes. And the saying appears to hold true for online profile pictures as well. Research by LinkedIn shows that a page with a profile picture is seven times as likely to be viewed as a page without one. Given that the average…

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Measuring the Language of “Deflategate”

Using the new science of communication analytics to analyze the Brady and Belichick interviews Headline. Based on objective language analytics of the “Deflategate” interviews, both Tom Brady and Bill Belichick communicated with a consistent level of trustworthy language versus their previous media statements.

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Winning with Words: Does Super Bowl Victory Start with Inspiring Speeches?

Research has proven that in order for leaders to inspire their audiences, they must be engaging, authentic, and persuasive. Last January, we decided to test this concept by analyzing inspirational locker room speeches from the head coaches of the NFL teams that were facing off in the Super Bowl. We found the language of Pete…

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Our Favorite Communications Statistics of 2014

With 2014 coming to a close, we looked through our analytics and research on hundreds of thousands of companies, leaders, and organizations over the past year in order to collect our favorite communication statistics. What follows is a list of our favorite statistics on giving an effective presentation. Happy holidays from the Quantified Communications team!…

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What makes a TED speaker great ?

TED, a nonprofit organization known for its presentations of short, provocative talks on cutting-edge ideas, has compiled the 20 most popular TED Talks, which can be viewed on the organization’s website. Although TED began as a conference on Technology, Entertainment and Design, TED talks now cover a variety of topics and issues, and many of…

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