The Rise of AI-Powered Sales Tools

Explore the best AI sales tools that are transforming the industry. offers realistic AI-powered role-play simulations, personalized coaching, and performance analytics to boost sales training. Salesforce Einstein provides predictive analytics and data-driven insights to enhance decision-making and customer relationship management. HubSpot Sales Hub streamlines sales automation and lead scoring to improve productivity. Learn how AI enhances sales forecasting, customer insights, and see real-world success stories from companies like T-Mobile, and Teamwork. Stay ahead in sales with AI technology and future trends.

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AI in Pharmaceutical Training: From Pilots to Full Rollouts

Transform Your Pharmaceutical Training with AI
The pharmaceutical industry is rapidly evolving with AI, transforming how training teams operate. Our recent webinar, “From Hype to Results: Practical Strategies for AI Enablement of the Field Force,” featured insights from Shawn Moran of ZS and Hallie Lynch from Quantified.

Key Takeaways:
AI Adoption: 53% of respondents in our LTEN webinar survey believe we are now in the early majority or later stages of AI adoption.
Field Roles: AI acts as a valuable teammate, enhancing engagement and efficiency.
Discover how AI can revolutionize your training programs.

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Our Data-Driven Obsession with Behavioral Analytics

Recently, one of our clients referred to us as his “Fitbit for communication,” and we were ecstatic. Not only because that was high praise from a leader we respect, but because, as the icon of behavioral analytics, the Fitbit is just about the most flattering comparison we could think of.

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