How You Can Use Data to Train Better Sales Closing Techniques?

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Updating Sales Training Closing Techniques

Adapting to an effective, hybrid sales model has been a hallmark of post-COVID sales training closing techniques. Customers and prospects will have in-person access but also new virtual ways to communicate with sales reps under the new standard. This reality is applicable to all industries. 

Take the following example from a recent McKinsey study: “Consider the experience of one pharma company with more than 10,000 sales reps. In February, it switched from an offline model to a 100 percent remote-working one. As the containment phase of the crisis gradually recedes, you might expect remote working to fade as well. However, the company now plans to make a 30 percent-online–70 percent-offline working model permanent, thus leveraging the freshly developed skills of its sales reps.”

As you can see, overall business communication requires new strategies for virtual environments. In particular, sales representatives in every field should also learn new approaches for communicating and connecting with customers in these settings. What are some ways you can enhance the quality of remote conversations and, most importantly, the results they produce in your organization? 

Forward-thinking companies are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and behavioral science to transform how they sell and how their managers and coaches train their reps. Read on to learn how. 

Sales Closing Performance Benefits Leveraged by Data 

Personalized feedback based on actual behaviors is the key to helping sales teams boost closing performance in this virtual world. It always seemed impossible, but these behaviors can now be measured and accounted for. In other words, they can be converted into data with the help of next-generation technologies.

Legacy techniques such as one-on-one meetings to provide feedback or watching videos together continue to help point out problems and offer individualized solutions. However, suppose you want to modernize and scale sales training closing techniques. In that case, you must complement traditional programs with state-of-the-art technology that makes the process more objective and automatic. 

The best platform on the market can even give your reps ownership of their own learning, letting them utilize their performance data through personalized dashboards, so they can concentrate on where and how to improve to close more deals. When sales teams can use technology to their advantage and focus on data to become genuinely outstanding, increased sales closings are more feasible.

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Incorporating Data Into Sales Training Closing Techniques

Gartner revealed in a recent survey that the pandemic forced training activities to make some changes, saying, “Almost three in four CFOs plan to ‘shift at least 5 percent of previously on-site employees to permanently remote positions post-COVID-19.’ Although many employees ‘learned by doing’ during the first phase of the crisis or received ‘quick and dirty’ training, continued remote working will probably keep posing an upskilling challenge. For example, sales forces will have to shift from setting up video meetings to managing customer relationships effectively in remote settings.”

As a result, the use of a leading data-based platform to educate reps about new products, company procedures, closing strategies, and policies is growing worldwide. With the right solution, your employees have access to the necessary information from anywhere, so they can learn at their own pace. The most comprehensive software will incorporate AI and offer a series of features that drive the best sales training sessions.

Through the use of leading sales training software, development programs can be designed in a realistic and customized way, making them memorable and repeatable. 

Incorporating data into sales training closing techniques will let you:

Support the development process with accurate insights

Evaluation should be a continuous process for every sales department. During sales calls or meetings, you can encourage reps to reflect on how they went and how they can improve to close more deals. But, by gathering all performance data from each sales rep on one platform, you can measure each rep’s effectiveness more objectively and efficiently.

Analyze client requirements and problems

Automated, data-based training and coaching can significantly improve the effectiveness of sales representatives in diagnosing their customers’ problems so they can close deals more efficiently. A top online platform can provide insight and intelligence about communication, style, and delivery through behavioral science and other tools while listening to customers’ concerns and needs.

Personalize training programs

By creating realistic simulation scenarios, you can ensure real-world readiness through individualized training and coaching. As part of a data-driven training process, managers have the opportunity to offer immediate, quantitative feedback, thereby facilitating open communication and enhancing their mentorship roles.

You can only assess each member’s communication style accurately if you are using a sales training platform that uses science and technology. By evaluating variables such as credibility, persuasiveness, clarity, trustworthiness, and listening abilities, you’ll be able to provide feedback on the deals they close and how they closed them. 

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Choosing a Tool to Support Sales Training Closing Techniques

The best practices discussed above suggest that you can offer customized training based on actual behavior in this virtual world to boost sales closing performance. Choosing an online training platform that records and analyzes interactions is ideal, as it will let you go beyond what good performance looks like. You can use it to highlight positive behaviors and proven, effective phrases your reps use.

It is ideal for agents to have access to their performance data, as well as control over their learning through personalized dashboards. Consider a solution that will allow them to assess themselves using data and analyze what they need to achieve. You will be happy to know that a number of the same innovations that promise to contribute to digital transformation can also assist sales leaders in reaching team and individual closing goals. 

The best technology will let you spend less time on live call monitoring and ride alongs. You can get objective analysis and insight reports if you partner with a company that uses AI in a sales call setting, for example, thus eliminating the need for you to do manual evaluations. Ideally, you should find a tool that evaluates each rep’s communication effectiveness and customer perceptions, allowing you to identify their strengths and areas for improvement automatically and at scale.

Enhance your Training Sessions with AI

With Quantified, you can easily combine communication effectiveness and closed deals, identify the skills that drive top performers’ success, and provide low performers with the resources to develop those skills themselves.

We use scientific research to analyze the behavior that drives your sales team’s performance. Quantified provides them with sales training that will allow them to lead quality conversations, win customers, and establish meaningful relationships with them.

You can provide your staff with the tools they need to perform exceptional in-person and virtual selling, boost customer trust, and improve closing goals. With Quantified, you will be able to significantly impact human connection using behavioral science, big data, and AI. Better conversations. Better outcomes. Request a demo now.