8 Ways AI Can Make Your Sales Team Sell Better

Over the past few years, artificial intelligence’s power has radically transformed how many business processes are approached. AI has been a boon to companies of all sizes, from automation to greater insights. AI technology has been changing the face of sales departments for years. And now, the ability to improve sales training has an AI…

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Sales Coaching practice

How to Measure Sales Coaching Effectiveness in Pharma

Sales coaching has remained relatively the same for the past few decades, with promising technologies like AI still considered alternative to some pharma sales organizations. While AI sales coaching may seem like a nice-to-have or an impersonal approach, it’s quickly proving to be an essential, highly individualized tool to take sales to another level, particularly…

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sales team hands

How to Measure Salesforce Effectiveness

The way we sell is changing.  Sales organizations operate in a progressively changing environment. From the sudden shift to remote and virtual selling during COVID to the economic downturn, sales leaders continue to evolve what they have to do to perform.  And with so many negative factors outside the company’s control, the attention naturally shifts…

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sales manager text wooden block

The Different Sales Manager Roles You Need for High-Growth Organizations in 2022

Being a successful sales manager certainly means leading a team that converts many prospects into customers. But that isn’t all it entails. What qualities and skills do you need to build the foundation that facilitates this kind of success?  High-growth organizations understand that sales managers do far more than oversee sales operations. The position itself…

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businessman-pointing b2b digital screen

Is AI in B2B Sales Ready to Take Off?

Since the early 2000s, companies have been waiting for the perfect artificial intelligence. It’s been promised so long but delivered in such halting and piecemeal steps that it can feel like a pie-in-the-sky proposition. But today’s optimal sales solutions — a fusion of savvy human operators and AI-based platforms that can instantly generate strategic insights…

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people evaluating sales training programs

How to Approach Evaluating Sales Training Programs

Every sales team requires a reliable sales training program to help improve skills and abilities. However, many companies don’t use the right programs or adequately evaluate their effectiveness. This prevents sales teams from reaching their full potential and limits their success. Evaluating sales training programs will give you a clear idea of how much they’re…

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Coaching: Building and Improving a Culture of Sales Training

Keys for Building and Improving a Culture of Sales Training

No matter how you approach your sales training process, the goal remains the same: build a company culture of efficient self-management towards the company’s goals. Doing so requires conditioning your sales team in a consistent way that makes them confident they are being led to ever-increasing performance during their sales calls, and one thing that…

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sales team meeting

Selling the Importance of Sales Training to the Exec Team

Sales leaders are often in a difficult situation. You must keep yourself and the team up-to-date with new product releases and features to close more sales, yet you can’t afford to lose time with training. Sales reps also struggle to remember the information they learn. According to Gartner, sales reps forget up to 70% of…

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supervisor giving presentation to the corporate team

Tips for More Effective Sales Training in 2022

As technology advances, consumers have become more enlightened and thirsty for authentic information about products and services. As a result, using traditional sales methods to convert today’s consumers is becoming increasingly difficult. In fact, statistics confirm that sales is getting harder, with most salespersons failing to meet quota.  While pitching still has its place in…

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computer with agenda for sales training on the screen

How to Plan Out Your Sales Training Program Schedule

Any organization committed to staying competitive and winning business must invest in sales team training. Today’s sales reps must be experts in what they do to impress customers who are more informed than ever. Buyers no longer settle for basic product details and standard sales pitches. They want partners in the sales process— people who…

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