Revolutionizing Sales Training with Generative AI

The world of sales training has been waiting for a game-changer, and it’s finally here. has emerged as an industry leader by leveraging the power of Generative AI technology to create a cutting-edge sales simulator that is both immersive and effective.  In this blog post, we’ll explore how is revolutionizing sales training with…

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Sales team meeting

How to Build a Sales Enablement Strategy

Sales enablement is not just a buzzword. Companies of all sizes and industries see results when they have concerted programs and efforts supporting growth and training. After two years of these approaches, organizations see a 48% higher customer engagement rate. Most companies are shifting toward including dedicated sales enablement roles or programs in their organization,…

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5 Strategies to Help Ensure Sales Process Improvement

Most sales reps have a considerable number of tools at their disposal designed to help predict customer behavior, automate sales processes, and improve overall conversion rates. Yet 70% report not having mastery of the skills required for optimal success. This alarming statistic suggests sales managers and team leaders may overestimate their ability to identify, evaluate,…

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Can You Measure the Quality of a Sales Pitch Using AI?

Cold calls are still an integral part of the sales game. While many of today’s sales approaches are about researching prospects, building relationships, and ensuring they come back with five-star service, there’s always the need for a cold intro with most customers. On average, the cold calls you and your team make will result in…

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What Is Effective Sales Coaching?

You may have a vision of ideal sales coaching sessions: the trainer relays product updates and cutting-edge tactics. The students absorb the information and can immediately practice it through one-on-one simulations. The trainer takes copious notes, provides feedback and suggestions throughout the simulation, and then offers an insightful, objective assessment immediately afterward. The trainer knows…

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5 Data-Driven Sales Enablement Tips You Need to Apply Right Now

Prioritizing sales enablement is more than just a burgeoning trend in the modern sales world. Over the past five years, it’s seen a massive growth surge to a 343% increase in adoption. That may have your leadership team concerned about keeping up and ensuring your sales team (and your sales enablement team) can compete. But…

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Sales Enablement Best Practices for Improving Performance

Your revenue engine is the most important structure in your business—with all the turbulence in the market, it’s more important than ever to shore it up with the right support structures, knowledge foundation, and infrastructure. Sales enablement plays a big role during this process, as it gives salespeople the resources they need to manage every…

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8 Ways AI Can Make Your Sales Team Sell Better

Over the past few years, artificial intelligence’s power has radically transformed how many business processes are approached. AI has been a boon to companies of all sizes, from automation to greater insights. AI technology has been changing the face of sales departments for years. And now, the ability to improve sales training has an AI…

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How to Measure Sales Coaching Effectiveness in Pharma

Sales coaching has remained relatively the same for the past few decades, with promising technologies like AI still considered alternative to some pharma sales organizations. While AI sales coaching may seem like a nice-to-have or an impersonal approach, it’s quickly proving to be an essential, highly individualized tool to take sales to another level, particularly…

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How to Measure Salesforce Effectiveness

The way we sell is changing.  Sales organizations operate in a progressively changing environment. From the sudden shift to remote and virtual selling during COVID to the economic downturn, sales leaders continue to evolve what they have to do to perform.  And with so many negative factors outside the company’s control, the attention naturally shifts…

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