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Tips for More Effective Sales Training in 2022

As technology advances, consumers have become more enlightened and thirsty for authentic information about products and services. As a result, using traditional sales methods to convert today’s consumers is becoming increasingly difficult. In fact, statistics confirm that sales is getting harder, with most salespersons failing to meet quota.  While pitching still has its place in…

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How to Plan Out Your Sales Training Program Schedule

Any organization committed to staying competitive and winning business must invest in sales team training. Today’s sales reps must be experts in what they do to impress customers who are more informed than ever. Buyers no longer settle for basic product details and standard sales pitches. They want partners in the sales process— people who…

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Keys to Automating Sales Coaching with AI

Sales coaching is vital for any sales organization’s success. According to Google’s Project Oxygen survey of 10,000 people, coaching is the number-one driver of performance for their organization. However, it’s often impossible for sales managers or coaches in large and dispersed sales organizations to personally evaluate, guide, and coach every rep. It’s equally challenging to…

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Ultimate Guide to Sales Acceleration Platforms

The increased adoption of technology in the business industry has led to business processes becoming more streamlined than ever before, and various processes can now be completed more efficiently, within a shorter period of time. Given that sales are the business function mostly associated with revenue generation, enhancing its efficiency and effectiveness can positively impact…

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Sales Managing vs. Training vs. Coaching: What’s the Difference?

Pinpointing the difference between sales managing, training, and coaching can be difficult. Although they’re often used interchangeably, each one means something different. The main difference is the delivery and desired outcome of the approach. Training focuses on a specific set of skills and isn’t necessarily a 1:1 approach between a manager and employee. Coaching, on…

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6 Tips to Transform Your Sales Coaching and Increase Revenue

There isn’t a company out there that doesn’t want to increase revenue, yet many sales reps are woefully undercoached and unprepared to drive growth. In fact, one informal study found the typical sales person said they get little to no professional training. Surprising, given that the number one driver of organizational performance is coaching, according…

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Sales Readiness Checklist

Why Do You Need a Sales Readiness Checklist? After the pandemic, the world of sales changed dramatically. All the processes had to be rethought, and the sales rep mentality had to transition. As we have all had to embrace remote and hybrid environments, reviewing this sales readiness checklist will help determine whether your organization is…

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Can AI Really Unlock Sales Coaching Opportunities?

At its core, sales coaching focuses on getting the best out of an organization’s sales reps. It involves continuously supporting sales reps’ teams in their crucial revenue-generating tasks. But it has no real “endpoint”- leaders complete employee onboarding, and there’s always more training and coaching to do. Even if your sales reps are well trained…

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