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Leveraging AI for Better Sales Conversation Training & Coaching

Sales Conversation Coaching: How Does It Relate to Communication?  You may think it’s difficult to keep sales conversation training fresh and move coaching beyond guesswork. After all, countless experts keep referring to the same skills and advice to improve sales pitches. In the following section, you will learn how the best AI-based technology can convert…

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What to Look for in an Online Sales Training Platform

Why Do You Need an Online Sales Training Platform? Virtual, hybrid, and remote work impose new challenges for sales professionals across most industries. Companies are leveraging the benefits of their preferred online sales training and coaching platform to empower their staff and help them obtain better results. But, with so many options and even virtual…

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Revamping Pharma Sales Force Effectiveness Metrics

Why Pharma Sales Force Effectiveness Metrics Changed In general, traditional pharma sales force effectiveness metrics cover reach and frequency, self and manager assessment of good selling outcomes, and prescription data (total prescriptions (TRx) and new-to-brand (NBRx)). Sales effectiveness measures whether a sales process can grow company revenue and satisfy customers at the same time. It…

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What Are the Best Pharmaceutical Sales Coaching Tools?

Why Using Pharmaceutical Sales Coaching Tools Motivates Reps It may be no secret to you at this point that your sales reps face more challenges than ever before. Virtual customer calls imposed a whole new set of hurdles that you and your team can only overcome with the right pharmaceutical sales coaching tools.  A recent…

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Key to Sales Success: Implement Soft Skills Training for Your Sales Team

What Are Soft Skills? It is common for sales leaders to underestimate certain, less obvious abilities. Soft skills may be among them, mainly because managers, while they understand their critical importance,  believe they can’t measure them adequately. In reality, new advances in behavioral science and conversation intelligence make these skills as measurable as technical product…

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Sales Performance Coaching: Communication Is Everything

Sales Performance Coaching: The 80/20 Rule Is Not Enough The secret to ensuring every sales rep exceeds quota every time? Communication. And, for the first time, sales team leaders can measure every aspect of their reps’ skills during sales performance coaching sessions. Then, they use comprehensive data to drive lasting improvement—and measurable increase revenue. You’ve…

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The New Science of Training Sales Reps

When it comes to satisfaction at work, the ability to achieve our individual and collective goals is paramount. For many professionals and teams, however, the biggest obstacle to those achievements is the lack of opportunity to develop and hone the skills that are foundational to success.

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How Are Data and AI Enhancing Pharmaceutical Field Forces?

A year after the pandemic forced pharma reps to switch suddenly from in-person to virtual sales calls, sales teams across the pharmaceutical industry are considering how to move back to in-person promotion. As the first wave of the pandemic peaked, in-person selling dropped to just 8% of all promotional activity. The good news, according to…

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The Definitive Guide to Virtual Sales Success

In 2020, sales organizations navigating the COVID-19 pandemic underwent a seismic shift in how they engaged customers, led teams, and managed performance. Offices were closed to staffers, home became the sales cube and sales presentations and customer meetings were moved to the videoconferencing “table.”

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Webinar Recap: High-Performance Selling in a Virtual World

The Quantified team has been hyper focused on helping organizations become more effective virtual communicators — first as we transitioned into all remote, all the time and now as we move toward a new hybrid and largely virtual normal. Some of the biggest challenges have been for sales and revenue teams. Reps are competing for tech-tired…

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