Get the Most Out of a Conversation Intelligence Platform for Sales

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What is a Conversation Intelligence Platform for Sales?

Nothing is more efficient at driving revenue than improving your sales team’s collective conversation skills. However, on a typical day, you have limited hours to listen to live sales calls to assess how well your team is performing.

When using a science-based, AI-powered conversation intelligence platform, you automatically gain insight into each customer interaction and identify individual and team skill gaps in the workflow.

Artificial intelligence (AI) – powered conversation intelligence solutions are intelligent software capable of capturing and evaluating sales calls. With continued use, a top tool could let you identify high-performing content and behaviors you can leverage to close deals, accelerate the sales cycle, and generate greater revenue, among other functionalities and results.

Businesses frequently use conversation intelligence platforms for sales to measure the quality and outcome of client interactions, finding valuable insights and metrics to help sales teams close deals faster. The first generation of platforms already surfaced significant amounts of sales process data, such as:

  • Customer complaints
  • Popular subject matters
  • Negative comments about products or services
  • Areas of opportunity
  • Frequent questions and how the rep answered them
  • Top competitors mentioned
  • Buying process stage
  • Roadblocks

How a Conversation Intelligence Platform Works

If you’re curious about how it works, an ideal conversational intelligence system captures and evaluates video, voice, and language information from sales calls. It then provides leaders with science-backed, data-based metrics and insights they can apply to their sales strategy. The AI algorithms enable the software to identify information that otherwise may not be noticed by “human” salespeople or their coaches, such as subtle verbal cues and body language details.

Enhanced conversation intelligence platforms for sales track essential metrics such as sentiment analysis, keywords, and more in real-time via automated listening, audio to text conversion, performance insights, and even prediction engines that recommend the next best action for a successful sale.

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Advantages of a Conversation Intelligence Platform For Sales

There are multiple benefits of investing in a state-of-the-art conversation intelligence platform for sales in your business. Let’s review a few of them.

Information that can inform the whole organization

A recent study revealed that 50% of companies said insights from consumer conversations are limited just to a specific department within their organization. If you face this problem, a robust conversation intelligence platform for sales can create insights to empower authentic customer relationships, improve connections, and uncover the building blocks of great conversations.

Visualize gaps in communication and connection skills, automatically

Using the best conversation intelligence technology, you can uncover the actual behaviors and tactics of your most successful sales representatives without investing your valuable time in listening to countless sales calls or watching pitch videos.

Identifying these strengths and translating them into measurable data makes them shareable with underperforming salespeople easier. Leveraging this advantage will let you eliminate productivity inconsistencies among team members.

There aren’t many providers out there, so look for one that curates a large human-scored communication database to develop its AI algorithms. With the help of behavioral and social sciences in human communication and connection, they will have a model capable of identifying the most critical communications efficiency.

Develop improved selling behaviors

Innovative sales leaders can close their team members’ skills gaps by using two primary strategies:

  1. Identify specific changes that will improve overall performance through granular, data-driven communications analysis. This feedback would allow reps to practice each micro skill repeatedly until it becomes instinctive for them.
  2. The second strategy is allowing sales reps to learn through experiential learning while doing their everyday duties. This real-world, real-time training is more beneficial than having them attend time-consuming workshops or lessons based on hypothetical scenarios. Your reps can make important decisions, learn from their mistakes, and receive feedback in real-time, based on experiences that actually matter.

You can implement these two strategies with the help of an advanced conversation intelligence platform for sales.

Facilitate performance growth

Information or incentives toward behavioral change become more memorable when you see them repeatedly. Workshops, which are usually brief, one-time encounters, do not typically produce lasting results.

However, a great conversation intelligence platform for sales will support constant feedback on a weekly or annual basis and even add ongoing data-driven practice recommendations. This tool can become a virtual mentor or coach who provides consistent feedback relevant to an individual’s evolving skills. Your sales reps can gain real communication and connection power by also leveraging systematic practice features.

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Features to Look for in a Top Conversation Intelligence Platform for Sales

With this brief overview, you may already know the way your sales team communicates impacts your revenue. A conversation intelligence platform for sales can help you discover it’s not just about what your reps say but how they say it. The use of AI enables you to accurately measure their levels of credibility, persuasion, clarity, and trustworthiness.

But, how do you find the best platform? Check out the following features and characteristics so you can invest wisely.

Revenue intelligence capabilities

Your conversation intelligence platform for sales must integrate seamlessly with other software, such as video conferencing tools, calendars, customer relationship management, and human capital management systems, learning management systems, and learning experience platforms.

Automatic conversation scoring capabilities

A leading tool will bring you insights and intelligence and help you optimize your team’s performance without having to accompany them in person or listen to endless recordings. Time-saving is critical, and you are looking for the highest level of automation.

To ensure this, your platform for sales should automatically assess, score, and benchmark selling behaviors against existing coaching methodologies and sales competency models.

Sales-ready design and performance

The best solution will excel at identifying and addressing skill gaps by providing personal analytics, feedback, and development plans to improve your reps’ communication and drive their success.

Your talent can benefit from personalized feedback, guided learning journeys, step-by-step progress tracking, and milestone motivation, as well as tips and best practices for continued development and improving performance.

Team members can easily engage in, practice, and improve their skills through experiential learning capabilities that differ from online courses. Find a tool with behavioral assessments, role-based scenarios, and a video and transcript library to support your team’s training.

Comprehensive manager insight reports

Ensure your platform includes reporting and additional resources to help your reps enhance their presence, improve performance, and close more deals. Consider whether the tools you are looking at can quantify behaviors and skills, provide scores and rankings, assess strengths, present improvement advice, and enable you to benchmark them against each other.

And, how could leading conversation intelligence platforms for sales put these insights together? Seek advanced reporting and analytics features such as individual and team reports, progress reports, industry, role, and team benchmarks.

An agent who can’t convey the value of a product or service won’t be able to sell it, no matter how revolutionary it may be. However, reps who are strong communicators set up the company for long-term success. They can build strong customer relationships by closing more deals to generate increased revenue.

Quantified’s AI technology helps sales reps establish better human connections to close more deals. With our exclusive QC Score, you will get a single, definitive measure of communication effectiveness. It will allow you to improve your skill levels against peers, industry, and aspirational benchmarks. Quantified assesses customer interactions, measures performance based on key behavioral dimensions, transforms your team into high-achieving salespeople with automated feedback, coaching, and measurement, to deliver enhanced sales results. Request a demo now.