The Future of Sales Training: Immersive Experiences with Apple’s Vision Pro

In the realm of sales enablement, training, and learning and development, the advent of cutting-edge technologies like Apple’s Vision Pro heralds a transformative era. This innovative device, a testament to Apple’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), stands to radically change the way we think about how sales…

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Can Digital Technologies Make Us Better Humans?

Much of the hesitation we see around embracing digital technologies in our workplaces, homes, vehicles, social lives, etc. stem from the fear that artificial intelligence and its digital siblings will ultimately automate away human purpose — it will take away our jobs, our agency, and even our need to communicate with one another. At Quantified, we…

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The New Science of Training Sales Reps

When it comes to satisfaction at work, the ability to achieve our individual and collective goals is paramount. For many professionals and teams, however, the biggest obstacle to those achievements is the lack of opportunity to develop and hone the skills that are foundational to success.

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AI Will Never Replace Human Interaction…But It Can Dramatically Enhance It

As artificial intelligence has spread from industry to industry, automating some jobs entirely and transforming others, it’s brought two big, scary myths along with it. First, that it will take away all our white-collar jobs, leaving business analysts, hedge fund managers, doctors, and lawyers unemployed and adrift. Second, that it will wipe out humans’ need…

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How Are Data and AI Enhancing Pharmaceutical Field Forces?

A year after the pandemic forced pharma reps to switch suddenly from in-person to virtual sales calls, sales teams across the pharmaceutical industry are considering how to move back to in-person promotion. As the first wave of the pandemic peaked, in-person selling dropped to just 8% of all promotional activity. The good news, according to…

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