content analysis

What is a presentation assessment?

When we talk about Quantified Communications’ proprietary language analytics platform, we’re often focusing on content analysis. But our analytics aren’t limited to content — we can also provide an objective analysis of a speaker’s delivery skills. When we combine the two analyses, we can give our clients a holistic view of their presentation skills. This…

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Warren Buffett

Reading between the lines of Berkshire Hathaway’s 2015 shareholder letter

On Saturday, Warren Buffett released his much anticipated 2015 letter to Berkshire Hathaway’s shareholders. After the release, Fortune noted with some surprise that, despite the market’s rocky year and Buffett’s history of offering reassuring communication in such times, the CEO remained “silent on stocks” in this year’s letter.

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3 myths about content optimization

Often, when writers talk about content optimization, they’re talking about stuffing web pages with keywords designed to boost SEO scores. At Quantified Communications, we use the term a little differently—more in the way an editor might discuss a manuscript. For us, content optimization refers to refining your communications—earnings calls, executive keynotes, website content—to ensure your…

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content analysis definition

What is content analysis?

Philipp Mayring, Austrian psychologist, professor, and renowned qualitative researcher offers an authoritative, but rather academic discussion of content analysis. What does it really mean? Content analysis is our bread and butter here at Quantified Communications, and we thought it was time we put together an accessible overview of what we’re talking about when we talk…

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