What is a presentation assessment?

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When we talk about Quantified Communications’ proprietary language analytics platform, we’re often focusing on content analysis. But our analytics aren’t limited to content — we can also provide an objective analysis of a speaker’s delivery skills. When we combine the two analyses, we can give our clients a holistic view of their presentation skills. This kind of presentation assessment has helped many of our executive clients become more confident, more successful public speakers.


How does a presentation assessment work?

We take a video or audio file of your speaking engagement and upload it to our application. Then, two things happen at once:

  1. Delivery Analysis. Our platform “watches” your presentation and constructs data-driven, objective measurements of your vocal quality and nonverbal communications — from pitch and vocal variation, to hand gestures and perceived confidence.
  2. Content Analysis. While all this is happening, our platform is also “reading” the text of your presentation and conducting a content analysis on the metrics that are most important for your audience, from clarity, to optimism, to innovation.

We use these assessments to benchmark your presentation against all the other spoken communications in our database, comparing you to similar speakers, competitors, and best-in-class presenters.

What kinds of presentations can you assess?

The beauty of the data-driven presentation assessment is its versatility. We can measure a one-off executive interview, a whole series of keynotes given throughout the course of a conference, or even a large group of presentations from EMBA programs. Our platform allows us to analyze these presentations and derive insights much more objectively and efficiently than we could do by hand.

What happens after the assessment?

After the initial assessment, our team of communication experts watches your presentation and combs through the data to derive useful insights, identifying your strengths and offering recommendations for improvement. Then, if you want to track your improvement, we measure your next presentations the same way, helping you see exactly how much you’ve improved, and which development opportunities to tackle next.

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