Quantified CEO Noah Zandan on Why Jamie Dimon Is “At the Top of the US Financial World”

Dimon Authenticity

Last week, Katie Kuehner-Hebert of Chief Executive published an article outlining what makes JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon the leader of the US financial pack. She gave an overview of Dimon’s career and leadership experience, but celebrated his candor as one of his chief assets, citing his top spot in Quantified’s 2017 CEO Authenticity Index as evidence.

“That candidness is one of the reasons why Dimon was named the Most Authentic CEO in the Fortune 100 by Quantified Communications. Dimon is known for addressing everyone the same way — employees, investors, government officials and the public.

“’Love him or hate him, Dimon comes across consistently,’ said Noah Zandan, CEO of Quantified Communications. ‘Authentic communication is a key skill for all CEOs, but it is especially valuable in times of stress or crisis.’”

Read the full article on chiefexecutive.net, and learn more here about how Dimon’s authenticity gives him a leg up in the finance world.