How communication analytics can speed up corporate decision making

In a world where business initiatives are taking longer than ever to implement, data-driven communications analytics can help counter the corporate crawl.

Fortune reported recently that, despite words like “accelerate,” “speed,” and “agility” buzzing around the corporate world, business activity is, in general, slowing down. The article attributes this to companies being bigger than they were 25 years ago, with more bureaucratic red tape and more complex collaborative tools that lead to clogged productivity networks.

While we can’t solve all these problems, we do have some ideas about streamlining communications strategies to help speed up operations. Advances in data science technology have paved the way for communications analysts to quickly and efficiently compare your communications to your competitors, industry peers, and most respected communicators, identifying your strengths and finding out exactly what your company can do to create best-in-class communications.

Communications analytics are faster than focus groups

As companies prepare to make major announcements, hire new executives, or discuss quarterly performance with investors, communications teams know how crucial it is to hit just the right tone with their messaging. However, traditional methods of evaluating these communications—focus groups, A/B testing, surveys, etc.—are inefficient and subjective. These lags dramatically slow the process of crafting an effective communication.

Data-driven communications analytics, however, can handle the same challenge much faster, and with more accurate results. Imagine a database of more than 100,000 communications—from executive keynotes to earnings calls to TED talks. Imagine the ability to compare your communications to all the communications in that database—quickly and objectively—and find out exactly what it would take to outperform the best of them.

How much faster would your business move if each and every communication took just days—instead of weeks, or even months—to perfect?

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