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The Power of Emotional Contagion

Have you ever had the sense that moods are contagious? Have you noticed that one person’s bad mood can bring down a whole group or, the opposite, one member’s excitement can ripple throughout the entire team?

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How Vocal Analytics Help Speakers Improve their Performance

What are vocal analytics? A large part of our communication analytics offering is related to making sure your content is best-in-class. However, there’s another component to our work, and that’s making sure your spoken delivery does that content justice. Our vocal analytics offer a data-driven measurement of your vocal techniques (volume, pitch, variation, etc.) as…

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3 myths about content optimization

Often, when writers talk about content optimization, they’re talking about stuffing web pages with keywords designed to boost SEO scores. At Quantified Communications, we use the term a little differently—more in the way an editor might discuss a manuscript. For us, content optimization refers to refining your communications—earnings calls, executive keynotes, website content—to ensure your…

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Volkswagen crisi communications vs corporate benchmark

Cloudy admissions: Analyzing Volkswagen’s crisis communications

When the news broke about Volkswagen’s CO2 emissions scandal, now-former CEO Martin Winterkorn assured customers, investors and regulators in a video statement that, as Volkswagen worked through the crisis, they would do so “with the greatest possible openness and transparency.”

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ccos and changing media environment

The expanding role of the Chief Communications Officer

In today’s competitive landscape, business transformations must be closely linked with communication strategies in order to be effective. Korn Ferry, the world’s largest executive search firm, completed a survey that found Fortune 500 Chief Communications Officers (CCOs) have increasingly prominent roles and rising leadership expectations; in fact, 67% of respondents said that a strategic mindset…

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