High-Performance Selling in a Virtual World

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Free Webinar | March 10, 2021 | 11:00 a.m. CST


In 2020, sales organizations witnessed a huge shift in how they engaged with customers, led their teams, and managed performance. No longer could they have daily huddles in the office, walk the sales floor, or meet prospects and customers in person over lunch, on the golf course, or at industry conferences. All of these conversations are now being conducted remotely — over the phone of course, but more than ever, over video calls.

A few of the challenges we saw in 2020 included “Zoom fatigue,” lengthy buying processes, and budget challenges. In order to overcome those challenges, we had to shift the way we communicate and operate to effectively stand out, connect, and engage buyers.

Looking ahead, this isn’t going away, according to recent research from McKinsey.

  • Nearly 90 percent of companies expect their new go-to-market models, developed in the wake of the pandemic, to stick for a year or more.
  • More than 75 percent of buyers and sellers actually prefer this new virtual engagement model over face-to-face interactions.
  • Only 20 percent of B2B buyers want to return to in-person sales.

This doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy for reps. One study from RAIN Group found that 88 percent of sales reps find developing virtual relationships challenging, and that’s no surprise. This massive change to a virtual world has challenged sales teams to adjust the way they onboard reps, connect with customers, and motivate and lead teams while staying on top of the pipeline.

Here at Quantified, we want to help.

We’ve been leaning in to what makes virtual communication successful. Today we’re excited to shine a spotlight on revenue communication performance and specifically selling in a virtual world.  On March 10, we’re hosting a live panel discussion in which we’ll explore ways that sales teams can evolve their communications, processes and technology for stronger performance in 2021 no matter what.

This lively conversation will focus on three keys to successful virtual sales:

  • PRODUCTIVITY: How to be a highly-effective leader for a hybrid or remote sales team
  • PRESENCE: Ways you can establish stronger connections with customers through well-timed, engaging conversations and presentation
  • PERFORMANCE: How to reach goals by leveraging data-driven insights that help sales teams reach their full potential

And we’ve lined up a stellar panel of sales leaders and sales enablement experts to guide the discussion.

  • Michelle Schumaker is the senior director of global sales readiness for LinkedIn, so she understands what the teams need to adapt and grow. Plus, she also sells to sales teams as part of the product LinkedIn offers, so she sees both sides.
  • Taice Perrotti is the VP of revenue operations at Spiro. Not only has she been a trooper in the trenches of a shift in selling during a pandemic, but she’s fearlessly led the team to be successful despite the challenges of Zoom fatigue. Her team was always selling virtually, but when they started having to compete against everyone else moving to virtual sales, she had to up the game and try new things. She’s also cracked the code on keeping a remote team inspired and engaged.
  • Eric Wasser, managing director at Brevet Group, has a ton of experience in working with sales teams as well. He will be able to provide some great insights and strategies for adapting and performing at the highest levels in this new world of selling.

It is our hope that this webinar will inspire sales professionals to lead their teams and connect with customers confidently and effectively in this new, virtual-first world. Register to join us for High-Performance Selling in a Virtual World on March 10, 11:00 a.m. CST.