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Sales Performance Coaching: Communication Is Everything

Sales Performance Coaching: The 80/20 Rule Is Not Enough The secret to ensuring every sales rep exceeds quota every time? Communication. And, for the first time, sales team leaders can measure every aspect of their reps’ skills during sales performance coaching sessions. Then, they use comprehensive data to drive lasting improvement—and measurable increase revenue. You’ve…

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The Definitive Guide to Virtual Sales Success

In 2020, sales organizations navigating the COVID-19 pandemic underwent a seismic shift in how they engaged customers, led teams, and managed performance. Offices were closed to staffers, home became the sales cube and sales presentations and customer meetings were moved to the videoconferencing “table.”

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Webinar Recap: High-Performance Selling in a Virtual World

The Quantified team has been hyper focused on helping organizations become more effective virtual communicators — first as we transitioned into all remote, all the time and now as we move toward a new hybrid and largely virtual normal. Some of the biggest challenges have been for sales and revenue teams. Reps are competing for tech-tired…

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10 Ways to have Better Video Calls with Prospects Every Time

Selling in a virtual world is challenging. For reps who thrive in person, gone are the days of meeting prospects at conferences, dinners, and golf outings. Now, high-value solutions are sold over video calls. Even for reps accustomed to virtual sales, the very real phenomenon of Zoom fatigue means the competition for the buyer’s attention…

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High-Performance Selling in a Virtual World

Free Webinar | March 10, 2021 | 11:00 a.m. CST In 2020, sales organizations witnessed a huge shift in how they engaged with customers, led their teams, and managed performance. No longer could they have daily huddles in the office, walk the sales floor, or meet prospects and customers in person over lunch, on the…

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Insights into Influence: An Inside Look

My new book, Insights into Influence: The Strategies, Tactics, and Secrets of World-Class Leaders and Social Scientists, is now available, and I couldn’t be more excited to share the results of more than a year of work and research with you. “Insights into Influence is a great read, capturing life lessons, no matter your field.…

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3 Ways Inclusive Leaders Communicate

When leaders commit to building an inclusive organization, they tend to start with the company mission, vision, and values, and a promise to ensure everyone in the organization has a voice. But when those same leaders’ everyday behaviors don’t support those efforts, the progress stops there. And one of the crucial behaviors that can make…

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Introducing the Buyers’ Guide to Communication Skills Training

2020 saw a rapid, full-scale disruption of the way companies communicate, both internally and externally. We’ve witnessed many businesses achieve incredible pivots to continue serving their customers in new and valuable ways. But, there’s one critical skills gap that has widened with this transformation: communication.

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