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A Quantified Success Story: Tommaso Padula

Tommaso Padula lives in Milan, Italy, with his wife. He has a degree in business administration from Bocconi University, he currently works as a brand strategist at Artefice, an Italian brand consultancy firm, and he dreams of one day starting a business in the food sector. He is also a Harvard Business School student who…

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The 3 Trends Transforming How Your People Connect

Video communication is relatively new as a workplace collaboration tool, but given the rapid shift to remote work, it has quickly become a primary communication channel. From conducting team meetings to delivering keynotes to thousands of viewers, how someone shows up on video can conjure a certain image of them as a leader.

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The Secret to Sales Success: Enable Every Rep to Meet Quota, Every Time

In the first weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses across the globe hunkered down, cutting costs where they could and scrambling to stay afloat. It was quite the finale to the first quarter of 2020. But now, as we’re wading into Q4, something has changed. We haven’t eradicated COVID yet, and most of us aren’t…

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Survey: The Most Important Leadership Development Skills in 2020

What We Already Know We know leadership development is a critical initiative for businesses, and we also know that communication is one of the most important skills businesses are looking for in leaders and high performers. But communication, in and of itself, is a remarkably broad category. What kind of communication skills, exactly, do our…

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The Ultimate Guide to Effective Communication Skills

Communication is an essential skill in today’s world. It’s the key to persuasion, role modeling, and moving others to take action. In the workplace, it’s critical for moving up the career ladder, maintaining employee engagement, building customer relationships, inspiring investors, and developing a great reputation within the community.

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