Insights into Influence: An Inside Look

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My new book, Insights into Influence: The Strategies, Tactics, and Secrets of World-Class Leaders and Social Scientists, is now available, and I couldn’t be more excited to share the results of more than a year of work and research with you.

“Insights into Influence is a great read, capturing life lessons, no matter your field. While it can be read quickly, it merits careful reading and re-reading. The stories capture “aha!” moments that are crystal clear in their conceptualization, argument, reasoning, and potential for impact. Don’t miss a page.”
– Dr. Richard Foster, Director Emeritus, McKinsey

In writing this book, I explored all the hot topics — from leadership to politics to sex to money to Instagram — in search of the behavior patterns that make people influential. Every page offers research- and experienced-based theories and actionable advice on what moves audiences and how leaders can make a difference.

21 Voices of Influence

This groundbreaking anthology features thought leadership and science-backed insights about building and honing professional influence from twenty-one data and behavior experts, neuroscientists, and influential leaders. I was humbled to gain access to some of the brightest minds on influence—including 4x New York Times best-selling author Adam Grant, behavioral economist Dan Ariely, chief scientific advisor to Helen Fisher, impulsive behavior expert Dr. Heather Berlin, and others.

These great leaders deliver the best anecdotes we’ve encountered in years of hands-on fieldwork, paired with proven, practical advice that can help you develop your ability to influence beginning today. Here are the conversations you’ll get to witness inside the book:

  • Influence Is Not the Goal, with Adam Grant from Wharton
    An expert in organizational psychology explains why and how the best ideas stick, and it’s not (entirely) magic.
  • Intellect, Integrity, Inquiry, with Franklin Leonard of The Black List
    The road to influence is paved with human connection and integrity, even in Hollywood.
  • First, Be Memorable, with Carmen Simon of Memzy
    Lean why “prospective memory” is one of the neurological cornerstones of influence.
  • The Value You Bring, with Matt Pohlson of Omaze
    Empathy and humor build connection no matter who you are, which is good to keep in mind when you’re working with super famous people to change the world.
  • Openness Is the Key to Influence, with Julia Minson from Harvard
    Why is it so hard to change someone’s mind? A social psychologist tells us why it’s so important to listen, especially to our opponents.
  • Do the Right Thing, with former congressman William Hurd
    Trust, honesty, and persistence are foundational to success in the CIA, Congress, and beyond.
  • The Art of Collaboration and Flexibility, with congressman Derek Kilmer
    Reaching across the aisle isn’t a platitude; it’s a necessity to achieve influence that benefits us all.
  • Show Up with Trust and Kindness, with Michael D. Armstrong of Paramount
    A global telecom executive has two words of essential advice for getting ahead: be kind.
  • Live Your Life with Intention, with Dianna Kokoszka, formerly of Keller Williams
    Do you know your big why? Understanding your purpose and leading with intention is the best way to ensure the impact you have on the world is a positive one.
  • Connecting Thought, Humanity, and Voice, with Vince Kadlubek of MeowWolf
    An artist from one of the most influential art collectives of modern times talks about the difference between spontaneity and authenticity.
  • Influence and the Unconscious, with Neuroscientist Heather Berlin
    A neuroscientist, actor, and science evangelist on what influences our brains, and how our brains influence us.
  • The Architecture of Influence, with Moran Cerf from Northwestern
    When is a choice not a choice? How neuroscience can shape the behavior of nations.
  • Brains, Biology, and Behavior, with Helen Fisher of The Kinsey Institute and
    A human sexuality expert discusses how to achieve influence by understanding and leveraging one the most important organs in the body—the brain.
  • Less Friction, More Motivation, with Dan Ariely from Duke
    Mastering behavioral economics can get you closer to achieving your human potential.
  • Influential Listening, with Dan Bartlett from Wal-Mart
    The power to move millions begins with the humble skill of listening
  • Activating Employee Voice, with Ethan Burris from University of Texas
    Are you unleashing the full potential of your organization? Influencers may be where you least expect them.
  • Money and Influence, with Dodee Crockett from Merrill Lynch
    We are controlled by our values, so the first step to influence is understanding what those values are.
  • Insights form the Influencer Marketplace, with Gil Eyal from HYPR
    Once influence could be quantified, of course it would create economic value. Learn what makes influencers tick and how to avoid imposters.
  • Democratizing Data, with Brett Hurt and Patrick McGarry from
    Large-scale influence in today’s world requires not just data, but the tools and skills to leverage it. Learn how one company is democratizing data for everyone.
  • You Are Already Influential, with Vanessa Bohns from Cornell
    Have you ever worried that no one would listen to what you had to say? Turns out, you already have way more influence than you know.
  • Influential Communication, by Noah Zandan
    Using behavioral science to study successful leaders revealed actionable, replicable tactics that work: here’s what you need to know to plot your own course to influence.

(Can’t wait to start learning? You can get a teaser from these podcast episodes, where I’ve had the opportunity to discuss the science of communication and influence: The Secret Science of How Leaders Talk, Communication with Noah Zandan, and Quantifying Human Skill Development.)

“Why and how you use your influence helps determine your impact on the world. With the help of leaders across many fields, Noah Zandan unpacks influence—what it looks like, how to use it responsibly, and how to help others recognize and develop their own power.”
– Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook and Founder, Lean In

Start Expanding Your Influence Today

You can order Insights into Influence on Amazon. And you can take advantage of volume pricing for corporate teams and expand influence across your organization. When you do, be sure to let me know your thoughts by leaving a review or dropping me a note.