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How Great Companies Communicate Earnings During a Crisis

There’s no denying the economic fallout of the COVID-19 crisis. With the stock market plummeting at a record pace, events being cancelled across the globe, and small and large businesses shutting their doors for the foreseeable future, unfortunately, it’s a good bet that financial reports for Q1 and Q2—at least—will be concerning for many companies.…

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Snap Video

Do IPO Videos Work? An Analysis of Snap’s Roadshow Video

As Snap, Inc. prepared for its IPO last month, it bucked old-school roadshow traditions by releasing a highly polished 35-minute IPO video featuring the tech companies’ executives (and a client or two) extolling their virtues and outlining their origin stories and visions.

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Optimism Historical Buffett

Buffett’s 2016 Shareholder Letter Displays Cautious Optimism for U.S. Markets

Every year, we look forward to Warren Buffett’s letter to Berkshire Hathaway’s shareholders. We’ve analyzed over 50 shareholder letters from the Oracle of Omaha, dating back to 1965 and, like most analysts, we look forward to Buffett’s predictions for the U.S. Economy in each one. In the wake of the turmoil surrounding and following the…

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Do Prepared Remarks Help or Hurt an Earnings Call? What the Data Says

To help our clients make sure they’re delivering best-in-class financial communications, we use our proprietary language analytics platform to measure every S&P500 earnings call, every quarter. This comprehensive benchmark allows us to show clients how their calls compare to individual competitors, industry peers, and the broader corporate sphere.

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How Vocal Analytics Help Speakers Improve their Performance

What are vocal analytics? A large part of our communication analytics offering is related to making sure your content is best-in-class. However, there’s another component to our work, and that’s making sure your spoken delivery does that content justice. Our vocal analytics offer a data-driven measurement of your vocal techniques (volume, pitch, variation, etc.) as…

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