Quantified Is Proud to Introduce Zoom Integration for Video Communication Success

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The virtual work world is here to stay, and here at Quantified, we’re excited to actively support businesses as they navigate the new, remote business landscape — whether they’re digital veterans or diving in for the first time in the wake of the pandemic. We’ve taught teams how to achieve the ideal setup for their video communication as well as what to wear and how to set up their space. And now, with our direct integration with Zoom video conferencing, we’re making it easier than ever for leaders and high performers to assess and improve their newly minted video communication skills.

Our Zoom integration makes personalized, virtual communication development a breeze by incorporating data-driven communication analytics and coaching into your everyday routine to show you exactly how you’re performing — and how to improve your performance — in one of your most common new workday activities: video conferencing.

Here are the four key benefits of our new Zoom integration for video communication analytics.

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Seamless Video Capture

We know employees’ time is more precious than ever as they juggle their home lives and work lives simultaneously, but we also know that now is not the time to let learning and development fall by the wayside— especially when it comes to communication skills. By enabling users to automatically capture video for analysis from a live Zoom presentation or meeting as it happens, we’ve minimized the time required for effective communication skills development. No more messing with additional tech or preparing and performing “realistic” presence just for the sake of analysis. Simply let the Quantified platform analyze your most important meetings and presentations in the background and deliver a detailed report on what’s working, what’s not, and how to achieve your critical communication goals.

Feedback in the Flow of Work

Integrating feedback into everyday work activities not only minimizes friction, but it also enhances the authenticity of the experience. It often feels awkward to present to a camera in an empty room, feeling as though you’re talking to yourself. And that awkwardness often seeps into the presentations we record just for L&D purposes. But with Quantified’s Zoom integration, your analysis is based on an actual, live meeting — with a real audience and real stakes. This analysis provides users with an even more nuanced look at their communication skills since it’s not colored by the discomfort of presenting to a fake audience. Our Zoom integration shows you how you’re really performing in your authentic workplace scenarios.

Personalized Coaching

Especially as businesses grapple with the best ways to provide individual feedback without the convenience of in-person conferences or informal water cooler conversations, personalizing digital communication at scale is a daunting task. But, like every Quantified analysis, our Zoom integration provides custom-tailored feedback to countless individual users across every level of an organization. The report generated from a Zoom analysis empowers users to pinpoint their communication strengths, close critical skill gaps, and track progress toward achieving their communication (and professional) goals.

Improved Personal and Organizational Performance

Ongoing analytics enable both users and administrators to track their progress over time, charting individual and organizational improvement and adjusting action plans as users’ needs evolve. While individual users can take advantage of tracking to ensure they’re meeting their professional communication goals, administrators can take tracking a step further by mapping aggregate communication progress to organizational goals such as sales success, investor sentiment, customer engagement, and more. Administrators can track correlations in top performers’ communication data and business results to identify the most important communication skills for every role — identifying the traits driving top sales representatives’ success and training other sales reps on those same skills, for example — to maximize the return on their investment in communication development.

For many companies, the shift to an online-only business environment has ignited significant learning curves in communication and employee development. Quantified is thrilled to be able to support our clients through this evolution, and our new integration with Zoom is a powerful tool to help leaders and employees at every level build the skills they need to succeed in a virtual world. To learn more about Quantified’s communication skills development platform, including this newest feature, request a demo today, and one of our experts will walk you through our platform and process.