Press Coverage: London Daily Telegraph: Former President Bill Clinton rides to the help of President Barack Obama

Great to see our analytics on the second presidential debate covered by the London Daily Telegraph:

“Did the second debate mute Mitt’s momentum in the race? That remains unclear. It’s safe to say Obama probably stopped the bleeding. The question is: how much blood to did he lose after the first debate?

In debates, delivery sometimes matters more than content. According to research firm Quantified Communications, in the first debate Romney communicated more effectively than Obama. He spoke faster, saying more in less time, at a more audience-friendly grade level, and at a lower pitch with more vocal variety. He also focused his content on the audience. His delivery did not change significantly in the second debate, other than becoming more contentious, challenging the president.

This may have turned off some viewers. However, Obama’s communication style improved from the first to second debate. He spoke at a more audience-friendly content level and with more vocal energy. But his pace, similar to the first debate, remained professorial.

Though the president spoke longer than the challenger, he said fewer words, because of that slow pace.

Obama’s improved delivery, along with Romney’s aggressiveness, turned the president’s painful defeat in the first contest to a slight win in the second. But one night’s performance may not be enough”

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