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The 2014 Toastmasters Public Speaking World Champion vs. leading CEOs: Who is the better communicator?

Toastmasters International is a nonprofit educational organization that helps its members improve their public speaking and leadership skills. Every year, the organization holds an international competition in which experienced public speakers present their speeches to a panel of Toastmasters judges. The final contestants must progress to the top by winning their local club, area, district…

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2014 Midterm Election Language Sentiment Analytics

Are elections won by the most “negative” candidate? A 2014 study from Cambridge University found a connection between a person’s political views and the strength of their negativity bias – that is, their tendency to respond more strongly to negative than positive information. With the 2014 midterm elections happening today, we decided to analyze the…

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WSJ: Why Likability Matters More at Work

Wonderful to see our analytics in the Wall Street Journal! Why Likability Matters More at Work Likability Is More Important—and Harder to Pull Off—on Video By Sue Shellenbarger Is the workplace becoming more like high school? “Likability” is becoming a bigger factor for success at work as social networks and videoconferencing grow. The impact goes…

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WSJ: What’s in a word? Company grades Yellen, Fed chiefs communication skills

Exciting to see our analytics in the Wall Street Journal! What’s in a word? Company grades Yellen, Fed chiefs communication skills By Victoria McGrane One of the most important jobs of the Federal Reserve leader is public communication, and much ink has been spilled assessing Janet Yellen’s abilities and challenges ahead in this area. Quantified…

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WSJ: Getting Attention and Respect, from a Chair

After seeing the Wall Street Journal article, How ‘Power Poses’ Can Help Your Career, one reader wrote in asking how to use a powerful posture while in a wheelchair. The following is the author’s response, including analytics and advice from Quantified Communications. Getting Attention and Respect, from a Chair Sue Shellenbarger answers readers’ questions Q:…

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Is Tim Cook a Better Presenter than Steve Jobs?

Steve Jobs was known as one of the most charismatic public speakers in history. He successfully created such a buzz around new products during his keynote speeches that it became common for people to line up for hours outside an Apple store to purchase the latest products. With the passing of Steve Jobs, many people…

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The Yelp Review Filter is Broken

It is no secret that user reviews greatly influence consumers’ purchasing decisions. According to a study from Harvard Business School, a one-star increase on Yelp, a popular rating website, led to a 5 to 9 percent increase in revenue for businesses. How do you know when a review is fake? Many of the largest user…

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