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Quantified Impressions is now Quantified Communications

June 19, 2014

A few months ago, based on customer feedback about our name, our Board of Directors recommended that we consider changing our name from “Quantified Impressions” to “Quantified Communications.” The board suggested that with such an innovative business, the name Quantified Communications would make it easier for our clients to understand and explain what we do.

Not taking this decision lightly, we turned to both our language analytics platform and external analytics sources to evaluate the potential name change. We analyzed the definitions, ran word association tests, measured the usage of the words in our content database, evaluated search frequency and trends, and did primary research on word preferences and audience associations.

From this analysis, we learned that the term “communications” better represents what we do – applying data science to language to help companies optimize how effectively and consistently they communicate. “Communications” is more widely used, searched for, and associated with our target market and offering.

Combining our customer feedback, our board’s intuition and our data analysis, we were able to make a decision. I am excited to introduce you to Quantified Communications.


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