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How to Spot a Fake Online Review

In last week’s blog post, we revealed whether positive or negative user reviews matter more to potential customers. This week, we turn our attention to deceptive reviews.

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WSJ: Mastering Art of Conveying Confidence

The following is an article from the Wall Street Journal, covering how to use body language to convey confidence, including insights and research from Quantified Communications. Mastering Art of Conveying Confidence By Sue Shellenbarger Most people work hard pulling down degrees and polishing resumes in hopes of impressing hiring managers. But many neglect to master…

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Engage, Don’t Perform: How do you Measure Authenticity?

Do you know that feeling you get when you’re watching a speaker and you’re not convinced they really believe what they’re saying? They just seem too polished, too prepared, too smooth, too “inhuman”. They seem, candidly, inauthentic. As technology has enabled rapid growth in methods of communication, authenticity is more important today than it ever…

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Top 10 Patriotic Speeches in American History

What makes a speech patriotic? According to the Oxford dictionary, a patriot is “a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.” Implicit in this definition is strong emotion. A patriotic person is proud of their country, and feels that pride strongly enough to fight for their…

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The Emotional Language of D-Day

On June 6th, 1944 (also known as D-Day), General Dwight D. Eisenhower gave a short, inspirational speech to soldiers before the Battle of Normandy. A full transcript and audio of the speech can be found here. In June of 1944, approximately 156,000 American, British, and Canadian forces landed on the coast of France’s Normandy region…

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How Commencement Speakers Use the Power of Persuasion

The honorable task of giving a commencement address is not an easy one. Speakers must tailor their words to the graduates, while considering that their audience extends to the parents, grandparents, younger siblings, teachers, and anyone else who might see the speech online. Ask around and you will learn that the majority of graduates do…

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Fortune: The Best Commencement Speakers Are…

A wonderful article from Fortune covering our analysis of the best commencement speeches: The best commencement speakers are… By Patricia Sellers June 3, 2013: 7:57 AM ET What makes a great speech? Persuasion. This is what the experts at Quantified Communications, a firm that analyzes communications skills, report is most critical to connect with a…

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WSJ: Is the Boss Looking at You? You’d Better Hope So.

The following is an article from the Wall Street Journal, covering eye contact in the workplace with research from Quantified Communications! Is the Boss Looking at You? You’d Better Hope So. By Sue Shellenbarger How do people gauge their career progress: Praise from the boss? Landing a promotion? Scoring an office with a window? Another…

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WSJ: Just Look Me in the Eye Already

Exciting to see our analytics in the Wall Street Journal! Just Look Me in the Eye Already The Workplace Perils of Staring at Our Phones and Elsewhere; The Ideal Gaze Lasts 7 to 10 Seconds By Sue Shellenbarger You’re having a conversation with someone and suddenly his eyes drop to his smartphone or drift over…

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WSJ: The Sound of Your Voice Speaks Volumes

Wonderful to see our research in the Wall Street Journal! The Sound of Your Voice Speaks Volumes By Sue Shellenbarger Distinguished voices? Recent research has shown that powerful men, including chief executives and politicians, tend to have voices that are deeper than average. (See: What Does a Successful CEO Sound Like? Try a Deep Bass.)…

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