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Analytics say: Head-to-head with Rubio, Cruz’s language fails to build trust

Last weekend’s political polls unveiled a surprise adjustment to GOP candidates’ standings: Ted Cruz’s favor among Republican voters has skyrocketed. CNN’s poll lists him in second place, with 22% support just short of Trump’s 27%. But he’s taken the lead in Iowa, with the Des Moines Register reporting Cruz is the favorite among 31% of…

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Should companies abandon prepared remarks on earnings calls?

There is an ongoing debate over whether companies should offer prepared remarks during quarterly earnings calls. In our experience working with S&P 500 investor relations teams, we have seen a variety of approaches to structuring earnings calls. Some companies such as Netflix, Progressive and Tesla have chosen to pivot away from prepared remarks entirely, an…

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GOP Debate by the numbers: no clear winner as issues take center stage

With 60 percent more policy-driven language, Republicans find their voice on the issues (and against the media) After September’s marathon debate melee, the ten top GOP candidates jumped back into the ring last night for a rematch. We used our language analytics platform to look at the content of the debate and found that, at…

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brand positioning

Measuring brand positioning through analytics

Regardless of the driving force behind a branding initiative—from clarifying brand positioning, making your brand more distinct, appealing to a new target audience or making your brand story more relevant—brand refreshes are major initiatives.

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Lessons in leadership communications from Fortune’s 50 Greatest Leaders

Fortune recently released their list of 50 of the world’s greatest leaders of 2015. The list tapped leaders with a wide range of backgrounds, including CEOs, religious leaders, NBA players, talk show hosts, government officials, and even an 18-year-old activist. So, if great leaders can come in all shapes and sizes, are there similarities in…

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TED2015 is next week. What’s our favorite TED talk from last year?

TED 2015 What’s your favorite TED Talk? TED – a nonprofit dedicated to spreading ideas – is known for its captivating and often awe-inspiring presentations called TED Talks. In our world, they’re also known for bringing the art of public speaking to a new level. Every year, TED holds a week-long conference where 50+ speakers…

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The 2014 Toastmasters Public Speaking World Champion vs. leading CEOs: Who is the better communicator?

Toastmasters International is a nonprofit educational organization that helps its members improve their public speaking and leadership skills. Every year, the organization holds an international competition in which experienced public speakers present their speeches to a panel of Toastmasters judges. The final contestants must progress to the top by winning their local club, area, district…

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midterm elections

2014 Midterm Election Language Sentiment Analytics

Are elections won by the most “negative” candidate? A 2014 study from Cambridge University found a connection between a person’s political views and the strength of their negativity bias – that is, their tendency to respond more strongly to negative than positive information. With the 2014 midterm elections happening today, we decided to analyze the…

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