Expert Perspectives on Boosting Sales Growth with AI in Life Sciences

How fast – and how far – is the pharmaceutical industry going in adopting AI? To get a pulse on that question, we had a series of conversations with experts from Viatris, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence at Health Innovation Manchester, Asklepios BioPharmaceutical, Roche, Harvard Business School, Ipsen, and EPAM Systems.

And we’ve published those in a new report, Using AI to Boost Growth and Field Force Productivity. Grab it now to help you stay a step ahead of the competition!

Insights from Industry Leaders

Each of the experts shared a different perspective. George Zarkalis of Viatris, for example, discussed how AI is revolutionizing the omnichannel approach, emphasizing the need for digital tools that complement rather than replace the human touch. Dr. Mark Chakravarty of NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, Health Innovation Manchester) highlighted the enduring importance of human connection. Healthcare, he reminds us, is a sector fundamentally built on trust.

Gustavo Pesquin, CEO of Asklepios BioPharmaceutical, reflected on AI’s role in refining communication skills across the field force. He sees the potential of making every interaction more impactful. And Dr. Christian Velten of Roche delved into how AI can enhance the quality of conversations and interactions with healthcare professionals (HCPs), fostering better relationships and more effective engagements.

What You’ll Discover

The report examines the early stages of AI deployment in the pharmaceutical industry and its potential to bring about significant changes in both expected and unexpected ways.

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It addresses the challenges and successes of integrating AI tools into everyday practices. This includes tips and suggestions to enhance the field force’s capabilities through advanced training modules while providing real-time, actionable insights that help tailor interactions with HCPs.

A New Era of Digital Empowerment

The experts agree in one area: the integration of AI is not about replacing the human element in sales and communication, but about helping humans do better work. AI offers a suite of tools that can liberate field representatives from mundane tasks, allowing them to focus on what truly matters—building strong, trust-based relationships with healthcare providers.

Special Thanks

We’re grateful to our contributors. Their expertise and insights will help guiding the industry toward a future where technology and human effort, together, aligned to achieve the best outcomes for patients and healthcare providers alike.

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