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Communicating from the Hot Seat: Responding to Public Criticism & Tough Questions

Since his election, Donald Trump has singled out several U.S. companies for criticism. Considering the immediate effect of his condemnations on those companies’ stock prices, we turned to executive communication expert Briar Goldberg for insights on how organizations and their leaders should prepare to respond any time they get called out — in the business arena…

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3rd Presidential Debate: No Real Winner in Messy Final Showdown

In the week and a half since Clinton and Trump last went head to head, both candidates have become more deeply embroiled in their various scandals. Stories of Trump’s sexual misconduct and of Clinton’s cozy relationship with Wall Street drowned out any policy-oriented discussion the parties (and the voters) would have liked to hear.

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Trustworthy Language Trump Clinton Debates

Clinton Wins 2nd Debate; Negative Trump Fails to Build Trust

In the wake of the increasingly personal insults and accusations Clinton and Trump have been hurling at one another, and a particularly scandalous week for the GOP candidate, last night’s debate promised to be even more dramatic than the last. In their first moments on stage, the candidates set the tone definitively for what would…

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Headshots   Trump and Clinton

Clinton Won Last Night’s Debate, According to Communication Science

“Words matter when you run for president and they really matter when you are president.” – Hillary Clinton Last night’s debate — the first official showdown between presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton — was, as the GOP candidate would say, a huge event. Weeks prior to the debate, ABC news reported that 74 percent…

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The Candidates   Trump vs Clinton

Objectively, who delivered the best convention speech?

It’s been a big month in politics, with back-to-back Republican and Democratic national conventions making both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton the official nominees for their respective parties. We have been tracking the primary candidates’ communication styles throughout the election as Clinton has attempted to solidify her story and Trump has overturned every expectation for political…

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