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To Retain Top Employees, Give Them the Tools They Need to Succeed

There’s no two ways about it: employee retention is a critical driver of a financially healthy organization. Retaining talent isn’t easy, but research has shown that the cost of replacing just one employee can soar to nine months of that single employee’s salary, and Gallup has found that turnover among millennials alone costs the US…

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Leveraging Big Data in Higher Education

Here at Quantified, we spend a lot of time thinking and talking about how organizations can use big data to drive improvement—not only in leadership communication skills (though certainly in that regard) but in operations, back-office processes, customer relations, and, ultimately, the bottom line.

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AI will not replace communication coaches, but communication coaches who use AI will replace those who don’t.

We talk a lot here at Quantified about how artificial intelligence is enhancing personalized and experiential learning—particularly communication skills. After all AI-driven communication development is our bread and butter, and we’re passionate about using the latest innovations to make communication training more effective and more lasting, and to make world-class communication training accessible to millions…

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Why Inclusive Leaders Are Good for Organizations, and How the Best Ones Communicate

I’ve been thinking a lot about inclusive leadership lately. It’s been a buzzword for years, and years ago we started working with Chief Inclusion Officers to help them improve their narratives and lift their communication platforms, but in recent months, inclusion has evolved from an element of employee and career communications to something that’s front…

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Look Like a Leader: 4 Ways Nonverbal Signals Can Enhance—or Undermine—Your Leadership Communication

Think back to your last important communication event. Maybe it was a presentation to five hundred key stakeholders, or maybe it was an innovative product pitch for the CEO and her team. You had your message down pat—you’d prepared your data points, supporting stories, and visual supports using audience-first methodology—and you’d rehearsed until you knew…

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Three Storytelling Tools to Make Your Communication Captivating

If you’ve been following our research and our blog, you know that, here at Quantified, we’re big believers in the power of storytelling. We know that storytelling language and structure make communication significantly more memorable, and we know they have a distinct neurological and chemical effect on our audience’s brains. But what does it take…

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Talking Law with the State Bar of Texas

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak on the State Bar of Texas Podcast, with Laurence Colletti of the Legal Talk Network. He was interested in how Quantified Communications approaches leadership communication, and especially what lawyers should keep in mind when they’re speaking with clients, judges, or juries, or when they’re drafting briefs and other…

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The Benefits of Personalized Curricula in Higher Education

For years, researchers, school districts, and policymakers have been focusing on ways to enhance elementary school learning through personalized learning plans. Harvard University released a report earlier this year, finding that while personalized learning plans are powerful for elementary students, they are largely underutilized in schools, according to Education Dive.

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