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Can Digital Technologies Make Us Better Humans?

Much of the hesitation we see around embracing digital technologies in our workplaces, homes, vehicles, social lives, etc. stem from the fear that artificial intelligence and its digital siblings will ultimately automate away human purpose — it will take away our jobs, our agency, and even our need to communicate with one another. At Quantified, we…

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The New Science of Training Sales Reps

When it comes to satisfaction at work, the ability to achieve our individual and collective goals is paramount. For many professionals and teams, however, the biggest obstacle to those achievements is the lack of opportunity to develop and hone the skills that are foundational to success.

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AI Will Never Replace Human Interaction…But It Can Dramatically Enhance It

As artificial intelligence has spread from industry to industry, automating some jobs entirely and transforming others, it’s brought two big, scary myths along with it. First, that it will take away all our white-collar jobs, leaving business analysts, hedge fund managers, doctors, and lawyers unemployed and adrift. Second, that it will wipe out humans’ need…

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AI will not replace communication coaches, but communication coaches who use AI will replace those who don’t.

We talk a lot here at Quantified about how artificial intelligence is enhancing personalized and experiential learning—particularly communication skills. After all AI-driven communication development is our bread and butter, and we’re passionate about using the latest innovations to make communication training more effective and more lasting, and to make world-class communication training accessible to millions…

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Why Inclusive Leaders Are Good for Organizations, and How the Best Ones Communicate

I’ve been thinking a lot about inclusive leadership lately. It’s been a buzzword for years, and years ago we started working with Chief Inclusion Officers to help them improve their narratives and lift their communication platforms, but in recent months, inclusion has evolved from an element of employee and career communications to something that’s front…

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Talking Law with the State Bar of Texas

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak on the State Bar of Texas Podcast, with Laurence Colletti of the Legal Talk Network. He was interested in how Quantified Communications approaches leadership communication, and especially what lawyers should keep in mind when they’re speaking with clients, judges, or juries, or when they’re drafting briefs and other…

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The Future of Work: Humans and Machines

Once upon a time, artificial intelligence was just a vague, futuristic possibility. But today, it’s a real player in business, and it’s already transforming the way we work. For example, The World Economic Forum reports that AI handled about 29 percent of the tasks across twelve industries last year and LinkedIn predicts that 62 percent of search and…

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How Can We Close the Skills Gap for New Managers?

Are your organizations newest managers struggling to in their new roles? You’re not alone. Management coach Victor Lipman recently wrote in Forbes that the transition to a first-time management role may be the most difficult in business ,  and it’s certainly tougher than the move to the C-Suite. That’s because, he says, new managers are frequently sent into the…

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What Do People Trust More: Human Feedback or Algorithmic Feedback?

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ve seen us talk about how, with today’s tight job market and even tighter margins, AI-driven leadership development programs are the solution businesses need to identify, nurture, and retain top talent. While traditional coaching is too expensive and too subjective, and while traditional leadership development programs are too generic and…

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