Generative AI for Sales Training

The Official Guide - Volume 1

Sales Training and Coaching Is Due for an Upgrade

We all know now that AI is breaking into virtually every industry at lightning speed. Furthermore,

Generative AI – artificial intelligence that can generate text or other content based on human prompts – has the potential to be highly value additive to sales teams across all industries.

But when you think of AI for sales, you may imagine it helps with lead research and qualification, prospect and customer outreach or messaging personalization. It does, but AI has more to offer in the form of AI sales role play and coaching, areas that we know significantly impact sales performance.

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Here’s why:

  • 41% of sales reps rate their sales training as ineffective (Forbes)
  • Only 26% of sales professionals say they get weekly training (Salesforce)
  • Millennial sellers and high-performers demand continuous sales learning (Forrester)
  • Approximately 90% of traditional, instructor-led learning content is forgotten if it isn’t repeated, reinforced or utilized within 30 days (Forrester)
  • Nearly 90% of sellers report feeling burned out from work (Gartner)
  • 72% of sales reps don’t expect to hit their annual quota (Salesforce)

Traditional sales coaching is unscalable, impersonal, infrequent and ineffective in many cases. The larger the sales organization, the harder methods like weekly check-ins and call listening are to scale. The lack of effective skills training is a contributor to sales rep burnout and attrition, missed quotas and, ultimately, lost revenue and market share. Each one of these sales challenges above can be directly addressed with artificial intelligence.

Sales, Sales Enablement, and RevOps leaders are increasingly investing in sales readiness solutions powered by machine learning and AI. The most effective platforms not only provide in-depth analysis and training via simulations and personalized coaching to improve sales knowledge, but they are designing the experiences based onwhat actually drives excellent sales performance.

Generative AI for Sales Resources

AI will most definitely continue to reshape sales coaching, providing an automated, personalized approach for sales leaders to better understand their reps and how to help them improve their sales performance. We’ve put together some helpful resources for you on AI for sales for more in-depth research.

7 Foundational Tips for Improving Sales Performance in 2023

What are customers wanting from your sales reps, and what can you do to ensure they deliver it? This blog walks you through what really matters and how you can use technology to improve sales performance across your organization.

A Guide to Generative AI for B2B Sales Emails

The sales technology space has changed drastically over recent years, and more tools, channels and platforms exist to reach buyers than ever before. This guide maps out areas of your sales workflows that stand the chance to be reimagined thanks to the advent of Generative AI.

The Rise of the AI Coaching System

One of the most appreciated features of an AI coaching system is its ability to upskill reps when and where they need it most. This recorded webinar will walk you through the difference between AI and augmented intelligence, how you can use it to measure rep skills, and how advanced conversational intelligence is creating a competitive advantage.

Case Study: AI Sales Coaching

How did one of the largest global pharmaceutical companies dramatically improve its win rate with AI sales coaching? This case study will help you understand how they used technology to connect rep behaviors to sales outcomes and the process they followed to implement it.

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How Sales Training Is Going High-Tech

Sales managers are discovering that how a rep presents themselves and the brand is just essential as the products or services themselves. This acknowledgment has given rise to conversational intelligence tools that use AI to measure communication skills. And the most effective way to measure, benchmark and improve each rep's communication skills is through repeatable, realistic role play.

Role Playing 2.0

Role play in sales is nothing new. The problems are that role play doesn’t happen enough because it’s typically in person, and it is often too general — non-specific to what each rep needs to practice most when they need it most. McKinsey says, “Organizations need to update not just what they teach their sales reps but also how, by establishing tailored learning journeys.” So, how do organizations make role playing more regular, personalized and engaging?

AI-simulated role play takes traditional role playing to another level. It gives reps as many practice opportunities as they want with surprisingly realistic conversations that the technology then evaluates and presents unbiased feedback and personalized development tracks.

The best AI Sales Simulator should be much like a flight simulator for sellers, like a real Zoom call with a human. Instead, the rep has the sales conversation with a human-like AI avatar coach that is trained specifically on the company’s sales materials, call data, and even recorded call videos. Leveraging the latest in video AI and generative AI to make the call fully conversational, the avatar can ask and answer questions like a real customer. If there is anything the avatar cannot answer, it can be trained on that answer, getting smarter with every conversation.

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How Does AI Measure and Improve Skills?

AI sales coaching platforms differ, but it’s important to select one that aims to improve skills development at the rep level through role play, certifications and regular practice. The goal is to get your reps selling more and onboarding them faster. With a structured AI platform, coaches don’t have to reinvent the wheel with each rep. AI for sales is ideal for:

  • Identifying what top reps are doing well
  • Understanding where reps are struggling
  • Upskilling reps with AI-driven sales training
  • Providing reps with a repeatable, safe, and convenient way to practice until set benchmarks are met
Analyze Data
objectively measure success

The behaviors you want to replicate across your team are those that are effective in building relationships. Don’t underestimate the power of sales relationships. The average business loses up to 80% of its customers each year because of poor relationships. Any good sales organization understands it is easier to retain customers than attract new ones. Relationships matter. According to Indeed, the primary benefits of building strong sales relationships with customers are:

  • More sales
  • Customer loyalty
  • Forgiveness of errors
  • Recommendations

Relationships are built on factual product and service knowledge, but so much more are less obvious interpersonal connections. It is vital for any sales organization to enable reps to develop their communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal. AI for sales can do what humans cannot, identifying and measuring skills, like trustworthiness, confidence, speech rate, tone and likeability that lead to better relationships. 

A few stats to illustrate the benefits of AI for sales skills development:

  • AI is predicted to result in an overall 35% increase in productivity by 2035 (Statista)
  • Sales reps who receive at least 2 hours of coaching per week have a win rate of 56%, compared with 43% win rates with 30 minutes or less of coaching per week (Spotio)
  • 84% of sales reps achieve their quotes when they have the right tools (Forrester)
  • Sales organizations that use AI for sales skills development report a 25% improvement in selling skills and message adherence (Quantified)
  • Surveyed sales leaders say AI coaching has sped up ramp times by up to 42% (Quantified)
  • Organizations implementing AI-based sales coaching report a 19% improvement in win rates (Quantified) 

Just because a rep knows the product inside and out and can align it with the problem the customer faces doesn’t mean they will sell and keep selling to that customer. But combine that knowledge with conversational skills that science proves are most effective for sales and you can transform anyone into a top seller.

Building a Stronger Sales Organization One Rep at a Time

It’s been said that 80% of sales are made by 20% of sales reps. It begs the question of why the vast majority of reps are just average or underperforming. Since this statistic has been in circulation for decades, it is clear that traditional sales coaching strategies aren’t as effective as they could be. AI is a game changer, breathing life into the status quo. We’ve collected a few more resources to help you better understand how this technology works and its benefits.

Soft Communication Skills: How They Impact Conversations and Audience Perception

Soft skills are often the key differentiator between top performers and underperformers. This whitepaper will explain soft skills in more detail and how they improve customer interactions. Walk away with insights into how to build your team’s conversation skills for better outcomes.

The Definitive Guide to Virtual Sales Success

Not all calls are in person, so how do you train reps for virtual sales calls, where body language and other soft skills may not be as easy to communicate? This ebook will guide you through the process of finding the right skills development platform for live and virtual sales calls.

Spiking Revenue by Leveraging AI in Sales Enablement

Sales enablement leaders are always looking for innovative and effective ways to help their sales teams succeed. Learn the impact AI is having on sales enablement and how AI is helping organizations gain the soft skills they need to build stronger client relationships.

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