What Is Conversational Intelligence for Coaches and Managers and Why It’s So Valuable

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Conversational Intelligence for Coaches and Managers: What Is It and How Does It Work?

In large and growing organizations, sales teams’ communication skills can be challenging to evaluate, monitor, and develop. To manage these responsibilities in an agile manner and at scale, leaders try to come up with creative and innovative solutions. In the process, they often find they need to invest in modern tools related to conversational intelligence for coaches and managers. 

But, what is conversation intelligence? According to g2: “Conversation intelligence is software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze speech or text in order to derive data-driven insights from conversations between sales agents and customers.”

Conversational intelligence for coaches and managers uses science and AI to evaluate and measure sales conversations and provide detailed, personalized reports on performance across dozens of measured behaviors. The platform captures data from uploaded or live sales videos, assessing language, voice, and non-verbal queues.

Sales managers and coaches can use these metrics and insights to shape their strategies based on science and numbers. The most sophisticated software uses sophisticated technology to detect communicational cues and information that would otherwise go unnoticed, like subtle verbal signals or body language. 

Why Is Conversational Intelligence for Coaches and Managers So Valuable

A significant amount of data was already available via conversation intelligence platforms before, including customer feedback, topics of interest, adverse reactions to products or services, areas for potential growth, FAQs, and others.

These days, an advanced conversation intelligence platform is so much more valuable since it can track other critical metrics. Business leaders can analyze variables and develop strategies with ease using voice-to-text conversions, automated listening, audio and video features, performance insights, and even predictive engines. Real-time analysis is available to measure audience sentiment, search terms, key messages, eye contact, and more. 

There are relatively few providers that use human-scored data from an extensive communication database to create an AI algorithm. By bringing together the behavioral and social sciences of human communication, you can identify crucial interpersonal efficiency factors that will aid in your goals.​ Continue reading to explore specific use cases of technology-based conversational intelligence for coaches and managers.

How Can You Leverage Conversational Intelligence Technology as a Coach?

With the help of AI, you can harness the capability of a single solution to help your people consistently build meaningful relationships with anyone. Your customer-facing teams can succeed and grow continuously through this tool, gaining a personal and precise understanding of communicating effectively. 

Here are some creative ways to use a platform to your advantage:

Create communication skill programs

You can identify skills gaps within your team to educate and support learners in filling those gaps. Programs aimed at facilitating empathetic, efficient, and effective communication at scale will benefit many areas of an organization.

Prepare for interviews

Practicing interviews on camera can be an essential tip for candidates to be successful. You can assist candidates with interview preparation that is both personalized and measurable with the right tool. Career centers, recruitment firms, human resources departments, and other organizations with the need to perform virtual interviews regularly can take advantage of a conversation intelligence platform to achieve this goal.

Enhance your executive staff

You can help your executives develop the interpersonal skills they need by using conversational intelligence for coaches and managers. With a high-quality platform, you can also help your leaders improve their connection skills, amplify their impact, and track results. If they have to prepare a keynote speech, you’ll get data-backed suggestions for creating a talk that will address any situation and engage the audience.

A combination of data-driven feedback and customized coaching can make your senior executive team more effective at communicating, both internally and externally.

Create real-world, real-time training sessions 

You can obtain more benefits from this technology than having trainees attend lengthy workshops. With real-time feedback, your staff can make intelligent decisions, gain valuable experience, and gather feedback based on relevant criteria. 

Develop sales teams 

If you use a powerful conversation intelligence tool, you can identify your most successful sales rep’s strategies without listening to countless sales calls, ride-alongs, or watching pitch videos. You can gather insights from top reps and use those results to train new staff or underperformers and level up the entire team.

The best solution will help you identify and resolve skill gaps through personal analytics feedback and create development plans to improve your reps’ communication and drive their success. You can automatically provide your talent with guided learning journeys, milestone motivation information, as well as tips and best practices for continual development and improvement.

Educating different stakeholders effectively, accurately, and at scale are just a few examples of how you can leverage conversational intelligence as a coach. The following section will show you how you can improve your work as a manager with the same technology.

How Can You Leverage Conversational Intelligence Technology as a Manager?

A genuinely modern tool can help you eliminate inconsistencies in productivity across your teams by allowing them to connect better with clients, prospects, or any other contact.

Read some use cases below:

Share information with all relevant departments

Conversations may only provide insights into specific departments of your organization, and they’re highly subjective. In cases like these, a robust conversational intelligence platform can quickly provide shareable, objective insights to empower authentic connections, improve interactions, and create excellent conversations throughout the company. 

Visualize gaps in communication and connection skills, automatically

Using powerful conversation intelligence technology, you can seamlessly discover your most successful sales representatives or staff members. Then, you can share these strengths with lower-performing team members to improve their results.

Obtain constant feedback automatically

By analyzing communications data in granular detail, you will be able to make specific, data-driven changes and decisions that will improve performance in the organization.

Staff members can get feedback monthly or yearly and even incorporate daily or weekly data-driven practice recommendations. Providing consistent feedback relevant to the individual’s evolving skills can make this tool function as a virtual mentor or coach.

Integration capabilities

Integrating your conversational intelligence platform with other software will help you obtain comprehensive data. Combine video conferencing tools, calendars, CRM and HR systems, learning management systems, and learning experience platforms with conversational data to empower your decision-making process.

Automatic conversation scoring capabilities

You can gain insights and intelligence to optimize your team’s productivity with the help of a leading tool, rather than accompanying your team in person or listening to endless recordings. The goal is to maximize your time savings and automate as much of the process as possible.

In-depth reports

To enhance your team’s presence, improve their performance, and help them achieve more goals, your platform can include reporting on behaviors and skills, strengths, improvement advice, and benchmarks.

Coaches and Managers Already Have a Solution

As you can see, there are many ways your company can creatively use science and AI-based conversational intelligence for coaches and managers. These capabilities and more are only possible with a modern, robust platform. Make sure you do your research well to get the best profit.

Using Quantified’s AI technology, people in all organizational areas can make better human connections to achieve their goals. We will give you a single, definitive measure of communication effectiveness with our QC Score. They will improve by comparing their skill level to peers, industry benchmarks, and aspirational metrics. 

With automated feedback, coaching, and measurement capabilities, Quantified assesses customer interactions and measures performance based on key behavioral dimensions. It transforms your team into high-performers, delivering enhanced results. Request a demo now.