Quantified’s Most-Read Blog Posts of 2018

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Here at Quantified, we love to share our thoughts and engage in conversations about leadership, communication, and the effect artificial intelligence is having on both. And we also believe in looking to the data for answers.

So as we wrap 2018, we thought we’d look back to to see which topics are most captivating for you, according to the data. These are the five blog posts with the most reads in 2018:

What Colors Make Great Presentations?
This post is a practical, research-based guide to using color in your presentations. From your PowerPoints to your clothes, we look at which hues will help—and which ones will hurt—your overall audience perception and engagement. Here’s a hint: Green doesn’t always mean go.

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How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform the Way We Communicate
This thought piece explores the ways artificial intelligence is transforming communication from an art into a science, walking readers through the ways we can use this technology to measure, track, and improve leadership through communication. The headline, for reluctant adopters, is that AI is enhancing—not erasing—the human experience of communication.

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Why Do We Fear Public Speaking?
Jerry Seinfeld once quipped that, to the average person, a funeral is more enjoyable for the deceased than the eulogist. In this post, we explore the psychology behind the universal fear of public speaking—it has to do with our hardwired tendency to zero in on any hint of negative feedback, no matter how many smiling faces are looking back at us—offer suggestions for becoming more confident on stage.

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How Much of Our Workdays Do We Spend Communicating?
You know you spend a lot of your time at work talking to others in one way or another, but the actual statistics are a little shocking. How much of your time do you actually spend communicating? (Spoiler alert: It’s 80 percent!) And what can you do to ensure you’re doing it right?

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Does Telling Stories Really Make You 22 Times More Memorable?
It’s a ubiquitous statistic for a reason. Storytelling is known to help keep audiences engaged—and help them remember what they heard—much more effectively than straight recitation of facts. In this post, learn the psychology behind this phenomenon and get to know the key components of successful stories. Need a little incentive? This post involves puppies.

What are your favorite Quantified posts you’ve read this year, and what would you like to read more of in 2019? We look forward to engaging in new and exciting conversations about the power of data, AI, and communication to enhance learning and leadership.