Press Release: The University of Texas is adopting our innovative platform for the next generation of creative talent.

Hi, Quantified Communications friends.
We are excited to announce that Matthew McConaughey and his class at the University of Texas are adopting our innovative communication skills development program for the next generation of creative talent. Mr. McConaughey, along with his coprofessor, Scott Rice (an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and commercial director), and the Longhorn Creators Foundation, wanted to bring an objective standard to the feedback their student’s receive on their pitching capabilities in their Script to Screen class. And they wanted a way to provide experiential learning and personalized development to all of their students as they start their careers.
At Quantified, we’ve been applying hard science applied to traditional soft skills for the past 8 years. We are excited to add the University of Texas program to our growing list of innovative university partners like Harvard Business School, West Point, and Arizona State,  and innovative companies like Dell, Novartis, and Facebook.
Our mission at Quantified is to help millions of people become extraordinary communicators. We are the standard for measuring and developing professional communication skills. And we’re excited to welcome Mr. McConaughey, Mr. Rice, and their impressive students into our community.
You can learn more about Quantified’s platform here.
Noah & the Quantified Team

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