Develop Your Team with a Conversation Intelligence Platform

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Conversational AI: The Foundation of a Conversation Intelligence Platform

It may be time for your organization to consider investing in a conversation intelligence platform to evaluate, monitor, and develop the communication skills of various teams. This could be a creative and innovative solution that can benefit many company areas at scale, from Sales to Customer Success and Customer Service.

But what is a conversation intelligence platform overall? In order to find out, it is better first to define what conversational AI is since this is the base technology. 

From IBM’s perspective, “Conversational artificial intelligence (AI) refers to technologies, like chatbots or virtual agents, which users can talk to. They use large volumes of data, machine learning, and natural language processing to help imitate human interactions, recognizing speech and text inputs and translating their meanings across various languages.”

The best conversation intelligence platform can also collect and evaluate video, voice, and language information from a series of different interaction scenarios, for example, sales calls, presentations or interviews. It then provides leaders with science-based, data-driven insights to guide their different strategies. A set of AI algorithms makes the software able to recognize cues “human” staff members or their mentors might not notice, like subtle verbal nuances and physical movements. 

An advanced conversation intelligence platform like this tracks important metrics through voice-to-text conversions, automated listening, performance insights, and even predictive engines. Business leaders can easily track variables such as audience sentiment analysis, search terms, key messages, and more in real-time. 

What makes this possible? Take a look below for a brief overview of the conversational AI  features available in the leading conversation intelligence platform.

What Do Conversational AI Components Do?

While you do not need to understand precisely how the magic works in the best conversation intelligence platform, it is essential to know the components that make conversational AI possible.

In general, Deloitte says, this technology works by enabling: 

Natural Language Processing (NLP) 

It allows conversation intelligence platforms to parse or read the human-language text and identify natural sentence structures rather than simple keywords.

Intent Recognition

This capability lets software understand what the user is requesting. It allows for a fluid conversational experience.

Entity Recognition

The platform can understand how a text relates to informative abstract categories. This feature lets it comprehend more complex commands and make some analyses.


It lets software pull data from web services or databases via APIs. 

Voice Optimized Responses

It’s a way of speaking in a human-like manner and showing emotion to deliver an optimized experience. 

Dynamic Text to Speech

This feature allows for the conversion of written text to natural-sounding speech in multiple languages, dialects, and accents. Moreover, it will recognize capital letters and tonal inflections.

Machine Learning

Machine learning improves recognition and makes the user’s experience better by assessing human replies and reactions. 

Voice Analytics

Go beyond just words to analyze the vocal patterns that create positive outcomes. 


Often top-performers are differentiated by their ability to connect on a human level, through presence, eye contact, and facial patterns.  

Contextual Awareness

Software is able to follow conversation history, translate, remember, and memorize information during conversations.

Imagine if one single solution could combine all of these capabilities in a unique manner for different teams in your company to improve their communication skills. Through their various areas of expertise, they will perform better, and, most importantly, they will make more meaningful connections with their counterparts.

At the same time, you can achieve the benefits in a scalable and agile manner. Check out the following section to learn more about how this tool can help you.

4 Ways to Develop Your Team with the Best Conversation Intelligence Platform

There are many ways your business can take advantage of an innovative conversation intelligence platform. You can leverage the full power of AI in a single solution focused on helping your people constantly create meaningful connections with any audience. With this tool, your teams will be able to develop and succeed continually, understanding at a personal and precise level how to effectively communicate.

Here are a few examples of how this platform could be helpful:

1) Sales Team Development 

With the best conversation intelligence platform, you can identify your most successful sales rep’s strategies without having to listen to countless sales calls, ride alongs, or watch pitch videos. 

It is easier to share these strengths with underperforming salespeople in any industry when you can get them as measurable data. You can eliminate inconsistencies in productivity across your team by leveraging this advantage and allow them to connect better with clients and prospects.

2) Communication Skill Programs for Learning and Development

Recruiters, administrators, and senior management can identify skill gaps in your company to support and educate learners about those gaps. Multiple organizational areas can benefit from the resulting efficient and empathetic communication development programs at scale.

3) Executive Education

With the right conversational AI solution, you can develop the interpersonal skills your program participants needs to learn, such as executive presence, influencing, facing complicated interactions and rejections, among others. Especially leaders with supervision or management responsibilities can leverage their best assets and improve their weak points to become rock stars in connecting with their teams. 

4) Executive Leadership

Your leaders are your brand, and they spend much of their time communicating for this purpose. Personalized coaching and data-driven feedback are the perfect combinations to make your senior executive team the best in the industry at connecting with internal and external audiences alike. A leading conversation intelligence platform can help you achieve both goals by enabling data-informed, individualized, on-demand coaching programs.

Make sure you choose a provider that pulls human-scored data from an extensive communication database to build AI algorithms. By combining the behavioral and social sciences of human communication and connection, it will be able to identify the most critical communications efficiency factors to support your communication goals.

Quantified’s AI technology enhances your teams’ human connections, enabling them to reach their objectives. By using our QC Score, you will be able to measure communication effectiveness in a single, definitive manner. 

In this way, you can compare their skills to top performers in your company or in your industry to up-skill them to achieve their career aspirations. They can also access on-demand development content to keep growing and honing skills. Quantified automatically measures interactions and performance based on key behavioral dimensions. The software transforms your teams into high-achieving communicators with feedback, coaching, and measurements. Request a demo now.