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QC’s Favorite 2018 Commencement Speeches

At Quantified Communications, one of our favorite things about spring is commencement season. Every year in May and June, we get to enjoy a series of talks from some of the world’s best-known leaders and influencers in politics, business, and entertainment. And every year, we look forward to identifying some of our favorites.

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TED Stage

The Most Amazing Moments at TED2018

TED’s annual mainstage conference always kicks off with a bang, but this year the vibe at the first session felt a little different. From the #MeToo movement to the Parkland shooting to the dark side of tech, the opening talks in Vancouver set a new kind of tone for TED. It was heavier. More emotional.…

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The Science of Stories: How Stories Impact Our Brains

When was the last time you got lost in a story? Perhaps you sat down to read “just one chapter” of a book and grew completely absorbed, spending three or four hours buried in the pages without realizing it. Perhaps you tuned into a podcast on your morning walk and became so engrossed you went…

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